Do men believe in inner beauty? I don't!

Posted by James, 17 Apr

inner beautyWhat do men really think about this elusive concept

Lemme paint a tiny picture for you: There is a girl this guy has a crush on in college. He thinks she is hot. Can’t take his eyes off of her whenever he sees her. Would do anything to go out with her. After college, she disappears. He cant wait to meet her one more time so that he can ask her out. 2 years later this guy, still single, bumps into her; she has gained weight, she has stopped caring about fashion – in a nutshell, she is no longer beautiful, he is no longer interested!

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People always tell us to look at inner beauty when looking for long term relationships. Does inner beauty mean a cute heart? The thing is much as we may want to hide under the façade of inner beauty, we gotta admit that beauty is touchable… its sensory… its outward. You may call me shallow but try taking a walk down the streets with a beautiful woman. Trust me, the men who stumble as they gawk don’t give a rats a** about her personality (even the women who stare in awe and envy don’t care).

Then there is this other one: 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' - Much as you are beautiful, some people think you are ugly. Does this mean objective beauty doesn’t exist? I think this one was coined by some superficial people trying to answer the "why the hell is this hot dude/chick doing with with her/him?" question... People trying to justify why some ugly men score the hottest chicks. And I think that's where inner beauty came about too.

But if you ask me, if I am this hot guy who looks at an ugly woman and sees perfection (going by the 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' adage), where is inner beauty there. Point still remains, this guy finds this woman attractive in the physical sense. 90% of the time physical attraction comes before personality.... unless you are co-workers or something close to that.

One thing I must admit though, someone’s personality can have an effect on their external beauty. A woman who laughs and smiles a lot will definitely be more beautiful 10 years from now than one who wears a frowny face all the time.

What do you think?

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  1. Posted: 29 May 13

    Most guys are only interested in outer beauty. Why would a guy want a women who looks like a model, and talks like a sailor with no personality? It can be a real turn off. Some guys don't care if a woman enjoys helping other people, or is good with children, or donates to charities, or has a bubbly personality, it's all about her looks. People change and as they age their personality may change too. Before a couple gets married they are both good looking, skinny and they both have a great personality. As the years go by she has children and gains weight, the husband stays and is supportive because he already knows her inside and doesn't care about what she currently looks like. Those men do exist but the ones who are always looking for outer beauty lose out.

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  2.   susan1677 says:
    Posted: 24 Apr 13

    They say they do but then they want a full body pic and talk about physical aspects and no evidence to back up their claim that they look whats on inside. They do not they look at outside and then proceed from there.

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    • HAERAY says:
      Posted: 13 May 13

      Uh huh... When women call it "chemistry" it sounds so much more of an acceptable concept, doesn't it? Maybe men just need to take a hint and include "and there has to be chemistry" to a short list in order to be more P.C. Nah! Let's not.... Personally; I don't understand why any woman or man would show up on this type of site without being willing to let others get a 'good' view of what they look like as a person. 1 or 14 head shots is a pretty good indicator that someone isn't comfortably happy with how they look but, take me out for dinner and or drinks, then you will see more. Cha-Ching! More to the point; We are engaging each other on a physical plane. We perceive with and are stimulated or not, first and formost, by what feeds back from our physical sensory organs. Think about where that love at first sight balonia comes from. Heard anyone (woman or man) talking about love at second, third or seventh sight lately? However; Some do and I suggest it's not by their ability to look past something they don't "want" to look past. To be fair; There are indeed those who don't truly care (for what ever reason...) about what they see, but I betcha' they have an agenda in their pocket....

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  3.   jod212 says:
    Posted: 21 Apr 13

    Let's face it, most men are visual creatures. Although there are those individuals who will prefer a woman with a lovely personality over the stunning woman who has an poor personality. I would suggest that everyone read The Human Animal from author Desmond Morris. The focus of his work is humanbeings engage in basic behavior which is embeaded in our DNA which we rarely move beyond. Men are attracted to basic triggers that have helped to keep the human race moving forward. Women need to understand that keeping yourself attractive, is healthy, good for your moral and keep's you attractive to men. What is the problem....nothing is wrong with that.

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