Did He Really Cheat On You?

Posted by James, 22 Jun

Most men have been called cheaters by their spouses. But do people interpret this term correctly?

Say you are in a relationship with a woman. You decide to take a break. While on the break, she accidentally walks in on you having sex with another woman. Is it that cheating? How about if you are just friends with benefits? Separated?

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A woman in a 'friends with benefits' kind of arrangement might accuse a man of cheating because she was probably under the assumption that their arrangement was exclusive. If you are on a break from the relationship and you sleep with another woman, you will be accused of infidelity because the woman expected you to take time off and reflect on your relationship. Basically, she is accusing you because she had hope that you two would patch things up and get back together.

Looking at the above scenarios, I wouldn't call this cheating because the relationships in both instances are unofficial. Plus the woman 'felt' cheated.

This doesn't mean that women shouldn't call men out for infidelity. Cheaters shouldn't get away with their behavior. We should make the definition more finite as opposed to pegging the definition on the feeling of being cheated on.

So in my opinion I think cheating should strictly be limited to romantic activities that happen outside ones relationship with a wife or girlfriend. 'Separated', 'on a break' or 'friends with benefits' scenarios don't count. What say you?

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  1.   Seamstress1 says:
    Posted: 20 Oct 16

    separated=married. until the ink is dry its cheating

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