Dating Racism - When you can't help but laugh

Posted by Darci, 09 Nov

There is nothing funny about dating racism. But when you’re in an interracial relationship, you’ve got to learn how to laugh. And, you should also get ready to gain new laughter lines on your face. The comedy will come from the questions and reactions your interracial relationship will evoke. The racist stuff you’ll encounter will either cause you to stress out or laugh away the ignorance. Read on to find out some of these funny encounters in dating.

When Racism in Dating is Funny

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If you think about it, racism isn’t something that will make you double over in laughter. But, interracial relationships will draw some of the most ignorant questions that you’ll definitely find funny. When the dating racism ignorance is over the top, you are bound to find some comedy in it. So, these scenarios and questions will force a chuckle or two out of you.

People of Your Race Don’t Want to Date You?

Ha! This is one of the most frequent questions you’ll get. The assumption is that you’re so undesirable and no one in your own race wants you. Basically, you’re the runt of your race’s litter. You had to settle for someone of another race because, well, otherwise you risk growing old surrounded by your 29 cats. The reality that you met someone you love, who just happens to come from another race, is not something most people even want to understand. Luckily, their closed-mindedness is none of your business!

Are You Rebelling Against your Family?

Apparently, you’re a white man dating a black woman because you want to stick it to your family. Take that, aunt Beatrice! The connotation is that if you had any home training, you wouldn’t shame your ancestors by even thinking about being in an interracial relationship. This notion is funny because, first, love is all colors. Two, your ancestors are probably in the great beyond clapping, hooting and cheering you on for being daring enough to find love on your own terms.

Are They Better in Bed?

…Because nothing else makes sense. Your interracial partner must be a monster between the sheets, so go on with your bad self and get it, gurl! If anyone ever suggests this, please endeavor to laugh about this silly dating racism until your sides hurt and your eyes tear up and you cough and choke on your saliva. It’s nobody’s business what sets your body on fire and who does it to you. Take a hard pass on that kind of ignorance.

You’re in an Interracial Relationship Because of Self-Hate

This one will hurt. But by now you know that you need a skin made of steel to get through these cutting remarks. People who say stuff like this, believe either in the superiority or inferiority of their own race. Being with someone outside your race, therefore, makes you a sell-out or someone who sides with the oppressor.

To reiterate, your love life is really no one’s business.

Your interracial dating might even be a sign that you’re suffering from a serious bout of self-love. After all, it’s no mean feat to fall in love with someone different.

Where Will I Find My Own Interracial Partner?

This kind of interracial dating racism is funny and barely noticeable. In fact, you could miss it altogether if you blink too fast. It’s not like you went around telling everyone you shopped for your partner from a particular market. And just because you’re dating them doesn’t mean you’ve become an authority on relationships with people of that particular culture.

If anyone ever says this to you, just chug it off as one of the numerous funny racist comments out there. Your relationship is not a trend. And if anyone wants a taste, they can go find it for themselves. They shouldn't bother you with that question.

What if Your Children Don’t Look Like You?

This implies that one race is better than the other, and as such, your children looking like anything other than you, would be a tragedy. The horror! Why won’t someone think about the children!

When you get such funny quotes from observers, I hope you have the grace to wave it away, probably with a good laugh. Let them clutch their pearls while you keep winning. If you love your partner the way they are, then you will surely love your children if they turn out looking like your sweetheart.

This is Just a Phase

Funny racist comments like these need their own Netflix special because of their hilarity. Racism in dating can be sneaky. But if they suggest that you’ll outgrow this phase, you should raise an eyebrow and ask them to elaborate. Pretend to be interested in their suggestion that you’ll one day realize the error of your ways and begin to date your kinfolk once again.

Except this is no rebellious teenage phase. You’re a grown adult and you know what’s good for you. If the relationship leads to the altar, that’s swell! If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be. Don’t let anyone let you think your relationship is a mistake you’ll eventually outgrow.

Are You Really Sure?

Get this; they don’t really want to know if you’re sure or not. It’s a coded way of telling you to reconsider without actually saying the words. Dating racism is funny when they put a lot of work into concealing their language. When it comes to racism in dating, this is a funny quote or question you’ll be getting a lot. It’s so common it should become one of the funny memes available.

In conclusion, racism can be so over the top hilarious when you’re in an interracial relationship. It’s the faux concern that makes it all so funny. It’s not like they care what you do. One way or another, it’s just that sometimes they can’t hide their racist sides.

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