Crossing the multicultural line

Posted by James, 26 Mar

Multiculturalism? Can you handle this? As easy as it may seem, its something you have to put your heart into. There are some African cultures I don’t think any woman can hack.

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You get married by some African – I won’t say what ethnic group. Picture this… you have traveled all the way from whatever continent to get married to the love of your life. Everything has been smooth sailing… you cook together, making love is something both of you decide on… spontaneity… everything you have ever wanted. Then it dawns on you :!: After you have made that mighty decision of crossing that line...

You have to know your place in the marriage… you should be a mother not only to his children - YOU MOTHER HIM - , a cook (your place is in the kitchen) and very good in bed. You have to put the husband first, every waking moment!!! You are his servant. When you cook, you have to cook what he wants, you serve him first, make love to him when he wants, how he wants it. NO FOREPLAY!!! Your sexual needs don’t count… when you want sex you don’t get… when he wants, he MUST GET. He owns you. You turn from being the sexy mama to a child making machine.

Now this is when multiculturalism stops being fun!!! What would you do? Get assimilated into it for love or pack your bags and take the next flight home? World take a step back and cross over too the side you came from!!!

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  1.   ShellyPoo says:
    Posted: 11 Jan 09

    These are things you find out before you get married, even if your spouse is from the SAME culture.

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  2.   Una says:
    Posted: 04 May 07

    Yes. You should find these things out before you get married. If you don't find it out from him, you should educate yourself about his culture. Doing so is important no matter what culture he comes from, but it's ten times more important when you're dealing with an African. The cultures are so vastly different and when he flips the script it can be a nasty surprise.

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  3.   Flirtyvan says:
    Posted: 12 Apr 07

    I agree with Fala. You should find out these things before you get married. I know people within the African community, and I have seen one or two instances of this. BUT, if I start dating a man, I'm going to be curious about him and his background. I want to find out about his past family life growing up, about his culture, AND how he sees his future wife should act and interact. To me, it takes at least a good year of dating to make sure of compatibility between two people, and that's if you live within a short driving distance. If it's an LDR, then it will take a lot longer than that, since one doesn't get to see their S.O. as often as you would when living in the same city.

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  4.   Fala says:
    Posted: 27 Mar 07

    You should really find out these kinds of things before you get married. If they pretend one person before the marriage and then become someone after, then you're perfectly within your rights to leave.

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