Could masturbation be proven beneficial within a relationship?

Posted by James, 07 Mar


For quite a number of people, masturbation seems like a dirty deed. However, there is nothing as good as knowing your own body sexually. For most women, masturbation is a surefire way to achieve an orgasm. For men, a way to get a good release. Ow! Someone said it’s a relief for migraine headaches.

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People in committed relationships, especially those in long distance relationships, view masturbation as an alternative to cheating. You are there, I am here. And if you want to spice things up as a couple, you don’t have to be alone in it. You can have a video session with your spouse. Here you touch yourself as they do it to themselves while you both watch the other person get off.

Masturbation has its own benefits when it comes to having a healthy relationship. There is nothing sexier than watching the other person have their way with themselves. And the best bit is watching them heave and heave. And just before they come, that’s the time to hump each other’s brains out.

One thing it proves is just how much you are aware of your body. And once you have this alone time to yourself, it actually makes you be able to guide your spouse on what really ticks you off. “Touch here… Do it softer. Rock your hand harder… and harder… and harder… AAAAAAAAAAAH” You get it, right?

One thing I know for sure is: The more comfortable your spouse is with their own genitalia, the hotter the sex gets. The closer you feel. On the other hand, going at it alone opens you up to another kind of world. You can imagine yourself having sex with whoever you please.

But much as those options are there, there are times DIY feels better that than having sex with the spouse. And that is where in a relationship, things start going south. And when porn is in the mix, it brings a totally different dimension. Whom would you rather envision yourself having sex with? Well carved men, super lean curvacious women, or your spouse who has left their body all to fate?

However, done within reason, I believe masturbation is something every couple should incorporate in their sex lives. Believe me, it can bring couples closer. And it builds up and frees a couple to try other things. And for long distance couples, it can strengthen the bond.

Coupled or single, feel free to experiment. Believe me, it’s the thing that will probably guarantee you an orgasm as a woman. Touch yourself while your dude is plowing you. Masturbation never hurt a soul.

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