Colored Talent Needs Recognition at the Oscars

Posted by James, 28 Feb

The controversial Oscars are finally here; #OscarsSoWhite hosted by the black comedian, Chris Rock. Nominees for the Oscars, all White. Rock, 51, has refused do any publicity for the ceremony. Last weekend however, he made a short appearance at Largo, testing some Oscars-related material.

The thing is, we have such great colored actors, producers, directors… none of whom were considered. Does it mean there is no colored talent? I think NOT. All colored people need is a platform. We have had black talent well represented, winning Oscars… Lupita Nyong’o, Halle Berry, Jamie Fox...

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At least we know its not like there is no colored talent. So why have they not been considered, 2 years in a row? Deterioration? You tell me. Creed has supporting actor Sylvester Stallone nominated. I thought Michael B. Jordan was equally good.

Anyways as John McWhorter on CNN puts it:

“The #OscarSoWhite controversy is, in itself, necessary. It is sadly unremarkable that a body of mostly older and white people in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, by failing to nominate people of color in the top acting categories, showed that it does not see black performances with the same eyes as a more diverse group would. This is something that must be fixed.”

Yes!!! This need fixing for sure. The fact that they were somehow represented a few years ago shows deterioration on the diversity plane, right? Colored people don’t want to be handed these things on a silver platter…. If you ask me, they deserved a few mentions... coz they got talent. Tell me there was no talent on "Straight Outta Compton"...

McWhorter writes:

"If "Straight Outta Compton" were about white street toughs and introduced a slate of vibrant young white actors on the order of, say, "Breaking Bad's" Aaron Paul, it's reasonable to imagine at least a couple of them nominated for, and perhaps winning, Oscars."

Maybe? What do you think?

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  1.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 17 May 16

    Okay so let's recognize the Asians, Latins, Chinese, Samoans. Did anyone consider the other races in Hollywood or are they just being self centered? That would be a an even longer show if they addressed all races, creeds, etc. It would need 3 days like the NFL draft. LMAO!

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  2.   EllaRoxanna says:
    Posted: 01 Mar 16

    James, who is the author of this article, and John McWhorter are biased themselves. This is because both men refer to people of color or "colored people" as Black. What about Latinos and Asians? Native Americans and openly-gay people? Their talent is seldom represented. It is easier for a Black person to win an Oscar than any other minority.

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  3.   Sugahrush says:
    Posted: 29 Feb 16

    James, I agree heartily with your observation that the Academy's antiquated nominating and voting system is in tragic disrepair. I concur that the presence of people of color has given credence and credibility to film industry, cultures, and history. I pray for a remedy...PDQ! BUT... The use of the adjective "colored" to describe humans is questionable, at best. In most of the contemporary U.S.A., it's a derogatory term, indeed. Particularly alarming is the implied distinction between 'colored' and Black people in the second paragraph. Offensive is an understatement. There is a huge difference between 'colored' [people] and 'people of color'. If this syntax can be changed, please consider it. If not, then please ensure that future articles are properly proofed prior to publishing. Thanks, SugahRush

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