Class Up Your Redneck Boyfriend for a New York City Night on the Town

Posted by James, 05 May

You've defeated the odds and found the man of your dreams. He's handsome, kindhearted and reasonably motivated. There's only one problem: He's not the classiest fellow you've ever met and, thus, doesn't exactly fit into the upscale New York City vibe upon which you model the rest of your life. Although The Guardian points to class division as a huge relationship barrier, it's possible to preserve the current quality of your relationship without condemning yourself to the life of a redneck.

The key is finding compromises that will allow both of you to retain elements of your preferred lifestyles.

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Introduce Him to Some of New York's Tastiest Burgers

You love dining at the Big Apple's classiest establishments but your boyfriend is not a big fan of "that fancy stuff" like sushi. Compromise by suggesting dinner out at one of New York's swanky burger joints. Experts at Time Out suggest Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger or the Brindle Room's Steak House Burger as two of the classiest options available to New York City burger enthusiasts. He may still try to tuck his napkin into his shirt collar but it's part of his charm, right?

Choose the Perfect Broadway Production

You've been aching for your beau to join you at an exclusive Broadway show, but he continues to refuse. Perhaps it's time to taper your expectations a bit and invite him to something he might not be quite as embarrassed to attend. Instead of the usual girly fare, expand your theater repertoire to include genres you might not have pursued on your own. AskMen recommends "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson" for anyone on the hunt for a hilarious mix of Wild West comedy and "Saturday Night Live" sarcasm. If you can't decide, you'll find plenty of Broadway show options at Telecharge, which can help you polish your boyfriend's interests in classy culture. You might want to take the boy shopping for some new duds before his big Broadway debut.

Check Out a Chill but Upscale Bar

After your trip to Broadway is complete, stop by one of New York's many upscale bars. Not all nightlife locations involve electronic music and girly cocktails; there's plenty of options for bars that effortlessly fuse the concepts of laid-back and elegant. New York Magazine suggests Antarctica as the ideal chill bar for shooting pool, with Proof highlighted as the best sports bar for couples to visit. Frank's Cocktail Lounge also serves as a nice option for mitigating the deep divide between hardcore redneck and fancy socialite. Once your boyfriend feels comfortable at these laid-back locations, he might be more willing to step it up and accompany you to a trendier nightlife destination.

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  1.   jaggers1 says:
    Posted: 04 Jun 14

    I dont understand this article. In the first line it says you found the man of your dreams so if he is the man of your dreams then why are you trying to change him and mold him into something you want? I also find it derogatory to refer to a man as a Redneck its the same as calling a person of color a name that starts with the letter N but I refuse to use that word. I see people for who they are and not the way they dress or color of skin. I am a cross between country and city dress and dont like being called a Redneck. Like I said earlier if he is the man of your dreams and you have accepted him into your life the way he is then why try to change him?

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