Celebrities in gay interracial relationships: How the world sees it

Posted by James, 12 Feb

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Interracial relationships and specifically interracial gay couples in Hollywood is something we see more and more in the media and social media, especially today where we live in a world dominated by the social media. Interracial gay couples and interracial gay married couples are becoming more and more part of pop culture as they create a part of it nowadays too. Much of the world especially in the United States have become familiar with the idea of gay celebrities and gay celebrity couples all over television, the silver screen and social media.

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Step forward for gay interracial relationships?

For the world the fact that gay couples are now on television is a huge step forward, even if this is a very recent shift in the media. Not that long ago, not only sexual orientation but also race and ethnicity were taboo when it comes to publicity. For example, being an African American celebrity was not a matter of conversation a few decades back. That one simple example shows the prejudice and stigma many communities of the world had when it comes to what the world accepts and welcomes to their routine through the form of entertainment.

Interracial marriages and relationships over the years nevertheless have become a common thing in the entertainment world nowadays. But unarguably, we still have a lot of way to go. In the same way, same-sex marriage and gay couples are slowly becoming a part of the media too. Many sources of media have embraced the idea of couples being gay. That, on the other hand, does not mean that the world is accepting towards the idea or ready to embrace the idea themselves.

Racism endures… But for how long?

In spite the fact that people are more open to diminishing racial discrimination, there is still some racism there but it is even more evident when it comes to the acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community. The first appearance of a gay couple on television was in the show “Hot’l Baltimore” a thing that was super controversial back in the day. Nowadays the appearance of gay couples in the media is more common, of course with people like Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris, people that are beloved by the audience. Especially in the States, the world seems to accept gay people on television and eventually gay couples in the media as-well. Homosexuality though is still not that accepted. Turns out there is a great amount of people that are against the idea of gay people and gay couples being displayed in the media.

Homophobia is a real thing and it still impacts the world today. From people during their every-day life to people in the media, members of the LGBTQ+ community are still phased by homophobic behavior constantly. Whether by religious beliefs or premonitions against the community, there is still a huge chunk of the population that does not accept the concept of homosexuality, let alone the idea of gay marriage. Gay marriage statistics show that there has been some development when it comes to the legal rights of gay couples, with the legalization of gay marriage in many parts of the united states and the support of same-sex marriage by the people of United States.

A colorful bright side

There is support for the community by a great percentage of people. Gay couples and gay interracial couples are loved by many. Gay people and gay couples have massive followings outside of the television and the silver screen, on social media. Millions of people follows gay people and couples on social media and they seem to love them. Many people show interest in their lives and careers no matter their sexual orientation or ethnicity. This shows progress in the fields of racism and prejudices formed against these communities. In addition to their following in general, gay people and gay couples are, for many people, a reason to feel more accepted in the world in general.

The Gay Community

The gay community and the interracial community on their own have millions of people. The celebrities within those communities become a beacon for those people. Celebrities have always been a source of relatability and hope for people, especially when it comes to people within communities that belong in minorities. The fact that there are gay people and people in gay relationships that are loved by millions gives people hope and confidence that they are loved themselves. The importance of being represented in the media is something that people are looking for. Gay interracial celebrity couples are the same thing for gay people in interracial relationships. Gay people in interracial relationships don’t have it easy. But gay celebrities in interracial relationships are something that the community needs at this moment. Gay interracial couples still face a lot of racism, not only for being interracial but also for being gay.

It is important for everyone to know that not being accepted is one of the hardest feelings one can feel, and the fact that there are possibilities for that feeling to change is amazing. Celebrities in gay interracial relationships play a major role in that change. As the world progressively becomes more and more accepting towards gay interracial couples, more and more people will be happier as time goes by. As a species we still have a lot of way to go when it comes to acceptance. The road is there, we just need to cross it.

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