Caring About Your Partner's Orgasm is True Love

Posted by James, 26 Apr

Is he the one? Is she the one? Well, people say its the little things that count.

Well, according to an article on EliteDaily, "True love is making sure everybody has an orgasm". Well here is a story by Gigi Engle that will blow your mind. She narates:

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"The best, realest and most raw story I was ever told came from my friend Claire*.

It was pretty late at night, and she was horny AF. Her boyfriend, James*, was exhausted and didn’t feel like doing the sex. Claire has a legendary libido (maybe that’s why we’re friends), and if she’s ready and doesn’t get off, she can’t sleep. So she asked James to rub one out for her. He said he would before bed.

But when they got into bed a short while later, James promptly fell asleep, leaving Claire high and (wishing she were) dry. Get it? Because she was wet? LOL. I crack myself up.

She fell asleep after nearly an hour of disgruntled horniness and promptly forgot about being annoyed.

Anyway, the next morning, James brought Claire her coffee in bed, as he did every morning (I know, ladies, chill the f*ck out — he’s married AF) and gave her a kiss. He looked at her in the most earnest and loving way she had ever seen in their nearly two years together and said, “Claire, I’m really sorry I didn’t get you off last night. I was really tired, but that isn’t a good excuse. I should have.”

Claire is a hard b*tch, trust me. But she told that she was so filled with emotion at his incredible thoughtfulness that she actually cried, nearly spilling her coffee all over herself.

She cites this moment as THE moment — the one when she knew James was going to be her husband. The fact that he cared about her needs and desires so much meant so much to her. It said everything about their relationship."

So when you meet a person who cares about your sexual needs and goes out of their way to fulfill those needs, that dear friends is the real sh*t. Its all about a man or woman who cares about your orgasms. And vain as it may sound, I truly agree.

Gigi adds:

"Sure, love is not all about sex, but making sure your partner orgasms and caring about his or her sexual satisfaction is about the trust testament to love that we have in 2016.

It contains so much meaning. It represents everything it means to be in love with your partner. Because love is about being selfless."

So that selflessness in the bedroom is true love... Making a choice to please him or her even when you are not in the mood... putting her needs or his needs before yours. That is love. When a person chooses to make sure you are happy and satisfied, that's the one. It means your happiness is important to them. And love is all about caring about the other person's feelings and happiness.

Not in the mood? We understand people have different sex drives. But you know what? Oral sex will get him or her off. And who knows what will happen while you are at it? You might find yourself in the mood. Rub him, lick her. That is compromise. And if you can compromise to make them happy, then that is true love. Compromise is the one thing that builds lasting relationships.

So if you find the person who cares that much about your orgasms, just as James* above, then that is the one.

Gigi concludes:

"If you deny your partner a much-needed orgasm on a regular basis (or vice versa), I can assure you that communication will falter. Being denied sex by your partner eats away at your confidence and ultimately your partnership. Once you’re told “no” enough, eventually you stop asking.

You don’t stop asking because you stop wanting sex, you stop asking because it hurts so much to be turned down by someone you love. True love means making sure everyone has an orgasm and that orgasm is about so much more than sex."


*Name has been changed.

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  1.   rogue_male says:
    Posted: 26 May 16

    ..I totally get this problem! Here in London UK, we would reach under the bed for the box of classy sex toys! Maybe get the rubber bbc vibrator out and get to work, maybe with some dirty talk if she likes that sort of thing, maybe in french if she doesn't get it! It won't be long before she seizes that toy and gets to work with it herself, which means that ...seeing everything is under control, you can either give her some other er 'special' treatment if its got you, er 'going,' or just pass out! ...and pick up where you left off after a good sleep! :-)

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  2.   NYGriego says:
    Posted: 17 May 16

    "Gigi" watches too much porn if that's what she thinks true love is... It is loving that you want to satisfy them. But then think about this, when was the last time you've seen Ron Jeremy cuddle with a woman that he satisfied (acting or not)? LOL...

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