Can interracial marriage really improve a nation's race relations?

Posted by James, 25 Mar 13

intermarriage race relationsIn Brazil, people of different ethnic groups have intermarried, giving the impression of a country that is a racial democracy. Problem is: this aint the case. Pick a newspaper, turn on the TV, take a walk on the streets and you will see a country plagued with racial segregation.

According to the article 'In Brazil, decades of intermarriage haven't changed whites' supremacy: Blacks, mulattoes a majority but still struggle in society', "In Brazil, whites are at the top of the social pyramid, dominating professions of wealth, prestige and power. Dark-skinned people are at the bottom of the heap, left to clean up after others and take care of their children and the elderly." And as the author advices, this is a lesson the U.S. should learn in our transmission to a "majority-minority" nation: "How racial integration in social life does not always translate to economic equality, and how centuries of racial mixing are no guaranteed route to a colorblind society."

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Much as there has been decades of intermarriage in Brazil, much as there are more non-whites in Brazil that there are whites, racism of exclusion still exists. "People aren't used to seeing black people in positions of power," says Nubia de Lima, a 29-year-old black producer for Globo television network. "It doesn't exist. They see you are black and naturally assume that you live in a favela (hillside slum) and you work as a housekeeper."

We are now seeing more interracial marriages in the U.S. People are more accepting of interracial dating and marriage. Question is: has this improved our race relations? Are we becoming a true color-blind nation or is this just another case of Brazil?

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  1.   matkins4268 says:
    Posted: 11 Apr 13

    NO ....... haters will be haters and lovers will be lovers besides its not about changing this world its about enjoying each and every day and let those who will will and those who wont wont ................................ honey is how you catch bees and also how you attract BEARS .............. YOU CHOOSE which you will concentrate on myself i like the bees for they also make honey.............. JUST SAYING

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  2.   solitaone says:
    Posted: 05 Apr 13

    Interracial datimg has nothing to do with race relations. We have not come a long way, we have collectively exchanged discrimination based on skin color with discrimination based on aeconomic status. America is exactly like Brazil in that whites are in positions of power over everone, so they get to decide how others live. After a lifetime of dating interracially, I have observed that even though blacks and whites have lived side by side since this country was founded, blacks have never been viewed as equals by whites, and black people have been percieved as to be feared and held apart, so we are still mysterious and dangerous to whites Dating is not going to change such an ingrained social construct

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  3.   jod212 says:
    Posted: 02 Apr 13

    Sadly, intimate relationships between individuals of differing ethnic and/or racial groups will not be the screwdriver in the tool box of equality. Education, economic and political power along with serious dialogue is the only thing that's going to get us there. BTW, for the record my maternal grandparents (grandfather was German) were married in New York State in the mid-1920's...legally. So the "Loves" were the first to be married below the Mason-Dixon line. People are alway's going to find a reason to hate. I have even found that ugly monster crawling into my head as well and I am mixed, sadly we are clanish by nature.

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  4.   cosmicdance says:
    Posted: 31 Mar 13

    I was married, a Caucasian gentleman for 20 years, but always attracted to dark skinned men. Had my first interracial date in the early 60s. I now date black men exclusively (25 years) Recently took part in an HBO documentary on interracial dating. It airs early July to early Sept. While I agree with Princy, we have come a long way, born in 1945 I've watched it happen. Unfortunately racism is alive and well in America as the HBO film points out. Interracial marriage was not allowed until the late 60s. America still has a long way to go when it comes to color barriers.

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  5.   Princy2013 says:
    Posted: 27 Mar 13

    I think we have came along way however in certain sections in America racism goes on still, We just have to empower and past on the proper education for the next generation.

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  6. Posted: 26 Mar 13

    Well I don't think America is color blind at all... we are just as prejudice as anywhere else... think about it everyone on this site is prejudice including me...we will date anyone who is a different color but won't date ppl of our own race... color blind in America lmao.

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    • reese says:
      Posted: 27 Mar 13

      I don't think America is color blind. But some people are. And not everyone here only dates outside their race.

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