Black men white women relationships aren't for the faint hearted

Posted by James, 18 Jun

black men white womenA friend of mine (a black man) lost her very close girlfriends the day he went and introduced a white woman as his girlfriend. That was way back in '99 and they have never been friends ever since. This is not the first black man to have suffered a loss of friendship or even family because he happened to fall in the black men white women dating category – a category of interracial dating that seems to be the 'forbidden one'.

See, black men white women dating isn’t for the faint hearted because I am imagining, if you are the faint hearted kind, you can actually be forced to dump the one you love just so you can gain acceptance from friends and family. And most people have become puppets of their families and friends (being manipulated into feeling guilty about their dating choices and being forced to date within their race by the need to belong within the group.) Its hard to have a successful black-white relationship if you care so much about what your friends and family will think. And this is not something that only the black men experience. Even the white women, especially those living in white neighborhoods have had to deal with pretty prejudicial individuals.

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See, if you are the kind of person that wants to please everyone, then black men white women dating isn’t for you. Interracial dating is for the strong, for those willing to stand up and fight for love because it is what they believe in. See, my friend had to walk away from her friends because he wasn’t anybody’s puppet. He believed in his love for his white girl.

So for those getting into black men white women relationships, then it had better be for all the right reasons. And you better be willing to fight for that relationship. You have to be the person who follows their heart and not swayed by other people’s opinions. Because if you let them, family and friends will decide for you whether you are going to succeed in black men white women dating.

So for all in black men white women relationships, you gotta wear the kind of heart my friend wore. You gotta be ready for confrontation. Whom you choose to date is nobody’s business but yours and your partners. So if they don’t like it, they can always dump you. You have each other right? Which is why you gotta date for all the right reasons: LOVE!

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  1.   shydude74 says:
    Posted: 14 Jun 12

    black men/white women are fine,ive been with white females before,my first love was white. sure you have to be strong,but regular relationships requires strength too. i accept black male/whitefemale relationships.some do accept,its nonsense thinking no one does thats should be happy and not worry what others think. when you find those who accept like myself great.

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