Banning interracial couple from church aint racist?

Posted by James, 05 Dec 11

banned interracial couple

"I am not racist. I will tell you that… I am not prejudiced against any race of people, have never in my lifetime spoken evil about a race. That’s what this is being portrayed as, but it is not… I do not believe in interracial marriages, and I do not believe this will give our church a black eye at all."

The above are the words of the former pastor at Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church, in Kentucky, Melvin Thompson who is among the people who - as reported by The Telegraph - constructed and voted for the resolution to ban interracial couples from being members of the congregation; the said resolution stating that the church "does not condone interracial marriage".

This ban was enforced when Stella Harville, daughter to the church secretary took her fiancé Ticha Chikuni for a church service in June (couple pictured right). And when Stella’s father Dean Harville accused Thompson of racism, dubbing the ban a "black eye to the church, a black eye to our community and a black eye to God", the above was Thompson’s defense. And to add on to this, Thompson believes the move to ban interracial couples from church "…is intended to promote greater unity among the church body and the community we serve".

UNITY??? Is there another definition for this word that is an antonym to what I believe to be the definition coz this dude can't be serious. Somebody, make me understand how we are supposed to draw a thick line between denying people their rights because we don’t believe in interracial unions and being racist!

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Luckily, the church's pastor, Stacy Stepp, is opposed to the ban and plans are underway to resolve the issue.

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  1.   onetreehill says:
    Posted: 18 Dec 11

    We have more judges out here; I guess I just don't get why the color of a person's skin makes a difference. The only thing different about each of us is the outer layer and that really doesn't make you who you are; necessarily. Let God be the judge of all and we sit quietly and listen. How about that!. I enjoy the church, but Church Folks can be so ..........................!

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  2.   matkins4268 says:
    Posted: 17 Dec 11

    man makes its own rules and laws to preserve his kind its seem ok for the lesser to mixed with the greater yet when the greater mix with the lesser its called a was it not mosses who marry outside his group and cause a lot of trouble so you see i am saying man with any kind of self pride with attempt to preserve himself so to say we dont allow this or that is our right as a free people , yet just because it a right dont make it right such as gay marriage , which the church has given into yet you cry foul over a group saying no to interracial marriage yet not a thing about a man saying i am a man of god and gay................................................................................................................ MAN MAKES IT'S ONW LAWS good or bad

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  3.   Rumberra says:
    Posted: 16 Dec 11

    There is only 1 race, the human race. God created man out of soil, soil is brown, man is brown. Adam and Eve were brown, due to genetic mixing, u end up with all the different shades of brown that beautifully and differently populate the earth based on the climatic conditions that have led to certain prominent features in different people groups in different parts of the world. There is no black and white humans. A sheet of paper is white, if someone turned white, there is something terribly wrong. What is known today as the white race is a lighter shade of brown resulting from genetic mixing of only recesive color genes. And there is no black humans. The darker brown is the mixing of dominant color genes and the shades in between is a mixing of both recessive and dominant color genes in Human beings. So I'm not black, I'm brown and ur not white, u're light brown no matter how light you are.

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  4.   CALY2011 says:
    Posted: 15 Dec 11

    Interracial marriage is allowed by law and pleasing before God. For anybody to say interracial married couples should be banned by the church is worst than racism. If Mr Thompson actually constructed and voted for the resolution to ban interracial couples from being members of the congregation, I cannot address him as a pastor 'cause he is not fit to be a pastor. He needs to do 2 things -1st, He must overcome racism. 2nd, he needs to go back to Bible school for more training. May I remind everyone that Christ is the head of the church and the church belongs to Him and not to America. The church Christ commissioned is made up of people of all color,race, and culture ((no more Jews or Gentiles) - the local church that comprises of people of all color and race is the model of Christ's church and not white separate black separate church.

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    • 427skies says:
      Posted: 19 Jun 12

      I'm not saying it isn't, but where in the Bible is interracial marriage is pleasing to God? I have a genuine curiosity and would like to know, seeing that I am attracted to Middle Eastern/South Asian men. It might come off as me sounding like a smart ass, but I'm really not. It's the typing. Lol.

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