Aren't interracial relationships good enough for marriage?

Posted by James, 09 Sep 13

interracial relationships marriageInterracial couples have increased. That’s for sure! But much as they have, our very own Sidney found that there are more than two times as many interracial couples just living together than those that are married. And as per the 2012 U.S. census data, 9 percent of unmarried couples living together are interracial compared with about 4 percent of interracially married couples.

As some researchers say, most of these relationships don’t translate to marriage because of the constant disapproval that some interracial couples face from their families. And living together seems to be the only option they have coz hey: "You don't need to get a blessing from either side of the family," says Ohio State University sociology professor Zhenchao Qian. A huge number of parents in their 50s and 60s seem not to be ok with interracial mixing for the fear of losing their culture. And it also seems like the more traditional a person is, the lesser the likelihood of rushing into marriage.

Big Q is: Could there be other underlying reasons for such a large number of interracial couples opting to just "live in" as opposed to taking the marriage plunge? And to put it in the words of Emily Alpert of the Los Angeles Times: Are they "less impatient to do so"? Are interracial relationships not good enough for marriage? What do you think?

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  1.   piethief says:
    Posted: 15 Mar 14

    Yes interracial relationships are good enough for marriage. I'm from Indiana. When I was younger interracial relationships with my generation was a "down low" thing. I'm in my fifties. Now it's gotten better in this state as far asacception goes. I'm happy to see the change! But my generation the percentage is still low unless they're from out of state. Most of my interracial relationships were with ladies from out of state or with ladies who lived here but had racism in their family. Great relationships for me were ruin because of that.

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  2.   talnwhite1 says:
    Posted: 03 Mar 14

    If anything I am saying is not true. visit your nearest shopping mall and welfare office. Single white women with black babies are all over the place. Then visit the divorce courts in your town if they are open to the public and see all the misearble white men being taken financially. Point proven!

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  3.   talnwhite1 says:
    Posted: 03 Mar 14

    This is because most interacial couples are WF/BM. Most black men have no desire to be married. Most white women desire kids. poof wolah. black babies. If a white man wants to marry a white woman. he has to date, pay, court get the parents permission and consent etc. Then spnd thousands on a weeding or her father if he is lucky. then he has to provide a hosue, cars, entertainment, food, clothes, baby's needs etc. If he doesn't he "falls short" in white people's eyes. If she is "unhappy" she gets a divorce, takes the house alimony, childsupport etc. Then she can date black guys again and "have fun". The moral of the story. If your a white man DONT" GET MARRIED!

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  4.   XnChristi says:
    Posted: 18 Feb 14

    Census data has no credibility. I know, I was a 2010 census worker. I saw unbelievably sloppy practices and data collection methods, and ludicrous policies and decisions. We had to record whatever a person said their race was, regardless of what we saw. A dark-skinned African American, middle easterner, person from India, or black Hispanic said "Caucasian"?--that's what we had to record. A fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde said they were black?--that's what we had to record. These questions came up in meetings many times. People who are obviously bi-racial can identify themselves as anything: black, white, mixed, or other, in spite of how hard we fought to have the latter two categories added. I refused to fill out the census form and wrote a lot of letters in 1980 and 1990 because there was no category for people of mixed race. Now the category has been added, thank you, but the pendulum has swung the other way. People can self select an entirely different race than what they obviously are! When no data is available, census workers are often told to make something up. No one was home 3 or 4 times?--a manager said, "Just write that 5 people live in that house." Unbelievable, and very unnerving. It's really too bad, but we have no way of knowing how many mixed couples or racially mixed people there are in the U.S. from census data, yet census data is constantly used against us. "There are liars, damn liars, and statisticians." Census reform, anyone?

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  5. Posted: 13 Sep 13

    I find this article left me with ambiguous feelings. I saw the points of the author, but I also had an emotional response to this article not just and academic one. 1. Did the census show the age groups of these couples , therefore showing them to be younger and not ready to settle down? 2. Many couples of other races live together without having their "race"being brought up as a factor.They just aren't ready or confident enough in their relationship to take it to the other level. 3. There is always prejudice, in anything that we are not accustomed to or that is different from us. Many interracial couples are dealing with racial prejudices left over from years gone by, from the older generations of their families. Family is a big part of the wedding ceremony for most and the threat, whether blatant or unconscious, of ostracism makes it difficult for most to reconcile the two. Love is love, no matter the color of your skin. Yes there are definitely pressures in dealing with interracial relationships, but there are pressures for all relationships. Don't let other people's problems, hang-ups, and/or negativity hinder your relationship.

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