Are we saying it's ok for women to abuse men?

Posted by James, 27 Nov

Dudes, try hitting or just roughing up a woman in public. If you end up home with severe injuries and not lying in a morgue somewhere, count yourself lucky. Check out the video below:

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The thing is, most people freak out when they see a woman being abused by a man, lets say spouse in this case. And people normally intervene when this happens in public... most of the time, the man gets beat up by strangers. Flip the same script; woman beating man: I don't get why people find this scenario funny.

Well, they call it patriarchy: Men should be macho and allergic to feelings. And this hurts men because when they become victims of gender violence, they find it embarrassing to ask for help.

On the other hand, women are expected to be maternal and emotional. And when a woman gets abused by a man, it's her fault because she 'must have' provoked his natural inner beast.

Should we allow this double standard for gender violence to exist? Should we let gender roles define what's wrong and/or "acceptable" in relation to gender violence?

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  1.   Septembe09 says:
    Posted: 28 Nov 14

    The sad fact is that abuse can also be covert - the kind that's harder to see...often until it's too late.

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