Are such online dating mistakes failing you?

Posted by James, 24 Jul

online dating mistakesWondering why it is taking so long for you to find that online love? Wondering what it is you are doing wrong that is making you attract all the wrong men or women? As online daters there are mistakes most of us make. These may not seem like mistakes to us. So before you start pointing fingers at a dating site for having failed you, have a look at these common online dating mistakes that people make… maybe committing them is what’s failing you.

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  • Are you over-weeding? We gotta do the weeding right? Well problem is: most of us, especially women tend to go overboard with the “what I want” – “what I don’t want” list. Our lists are just too long. Well problem is, list that are too long tend to also weed out the good guys because one comes off as too picky or too judgmental. Try shorter but realistic lists.
  • Porno names: “Crème Me” “NaughtyMama” Such porno usernames can really put men and women off … especially those looking for a serious relationship. Much as you might be aiming at being flirty, these send the wrong message to potential mates and you end up attracting the sex-focused kinda guys and all you’ll get is lewd comments and messages. Get classy with the usernames. There is nothing wrong with being a little flirty but you gotta be careful when you do it online because your words might be misinterpreted and first impressions count.
  • Ok! Not the ex photos! Why would you want to post photos with your ex in them or any other person of the opposite for that matter? This threatens some potential mates. Better yet, it turns lots of them off. This person who is interested in you has has no clue who the other person is and thought that you might still be friends with your ex may put them off. Do yourself a favor and take some photos of you by yourself. Its YOU we are selling, not your ex.
  • Uninteresting profiles: This sin is committed by so many women. Its like you can randomly pick 5 of them and they will sound the same … “I love hanging out with my friends” “I am down for whatever”. What happened to being a little interesting on your profile? How about putting some lovely quotes in there?
  • Being someone you are not: When you look at some profiles, most people don’t really give the other person a reason to get to know them. Much as the cleavage and hot body may be your top qualities, you may wanna throw in some of your other positive qualities… besides your hot looks if you wanna meet that great guy or woman. Talk about your personality and let potential mates get a feel of what you have to offer. And don’t just say “I am a nice person”, “I am addicted to sex” or “I am a heavy drinker”. Expound on your good side … good men and women tend to pick up on this.
  • Bad online attitude: “I cant believe I registered for online dating”. So what are you saying to the other online daters? That dating online is something you are ashamed of? That the other potential mates should be ashamed too? This judgmental and shaming mentality will repel all the good people. Plus saying such things makes them think you are dating online because you are desperate. Why not embrace the fact that dating online is fun, everyone is doing it and get fully on board?

Hold your head high, keep your dignity and block or report anyone who comes off as weird or those who hurl insults at you. If you are guilty of some of the above mistakes, try changing them… see how it goes. Have fun dating!

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