Are 21 questions appropriate when dating online?

Posted by James, 16 May

You are dating online. We get the fact that you need to know someone before you meet them in person. But do you have to turn the get-to-know-you phase into some bad job interview?

Some people really fire away some very personal questions in their introductory emails. It stops being get-to-know-you, it becomes more like some interrogation on an episode of CSI. “Where do I buy my groceries?” Really? I thought introductory emails should be more about getting some sense of whether we will click on our first date… whether someone seems genuine enough to wanna meet them; NOT make the questions stalker-ish.

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Sometimes these questions we ask in a bid to get to know the other person become a major turn off. Name one person who has ever felt sexy after some grueling round of interrogation… name just one. "Where do I live?" "What are my hobbies?" These are fair questions. "What’s the name of my gym instructor?" REALLY?!!!

If you ask all these questions in an email, what will you talk about when you meet. No need to get carried away with the 21 questions. Save some for later. Such interviews make the other person feel like you are trying too hard NOT to go on a date with them; just looking for something to cross them off your list. That’s just rude.

Have you ever been subjected to such interrogations online? Share your weird questions so we can have a laugh. Better yet, tell us what in your opinion are appropriate questions to ask when getting to know someone online. Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Posted: 11 Jun 14

    No so not appropriate. Interrogations are never comfortable. I once had someone ask me if I rent or own so I crossed him off my list after informing him that I think that was kind of personal coming from someone I just met. Needless to say we never met.

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