Against all odds: This interracial love story lasted a whopping 53 years!

Posted by James, 02 Aug

“If you don’t let me down, I won’t let you down."

That is what Andrew (black) told his beau Doreen (white) in the 1950s in the wake of racism. And even though it was rough for them, this interracial couple made it. They were a couple made in interracial heaven and had been together since 1956.

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Nothing leaves us gushing like a great interracial romance.

The couple met when Andrew had gone to the UK from  Dominica. Apparently, he used to take her to the roof where she could sneak cigarettes at work.

"She was a very good looking girl and she had very lovely wavy hair. She was like a model," said Andrew beaming. "I think from the very first week I saw her, I knew I was in love with her."

6 months into the relationship, Doreen got pregnant. So she had to reveal their relationship. The sister begged her to give away the child but she refused. It was chaos when the mom knew. But what could have been done after the kid was already born?

"No blacks, no Irish,  no dogs"!

Doreen had to give up her job to look after their children because no one wanted to take care of mixed race children. They were living in a word where people used to say: "No blacks, no Irish,  no dogs"!

But when there is love between two people, persevering becomes easier.

The heartbreaking part

Recently, at 87, Doreen was rushed to hospital for sepsis. Andrew was by her side always. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the infection.

Andrew admits how lonely living without her is. We can only dream of such kind of love that lasts that long against all odds!

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  1.   Justchin02 says:
    Posted: 04 Oct 18

    Its More than 53 it Goes back all the way to Slavery time.....

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  2.   Paganinifan says:
    Posted: 06 Aug 18

    Awesome story. Some people are just lucky while others, like myself, won’t ever have this kind of story to tell. I’ve been through several relationships because I had this habit of jumping in and mostly because of my attraction to the women I’ve dated. The other reason is because I hated being single. So, what I ended up with time and time again were women who I didn’t fully gel with. The man in this story got lucky. It seems this couple “jumped in” but it worked out. I envy that yet I also applaud them for it.

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    • Fab242 says:
      Posted: 08 Aug 18

      Hi, the old folks in my county has a saying, take time to know her. Attraction is good but character and personality take a little time to uncover. And it is fun go slow.

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