A little tip that may work for you this Valentines

Posted by James, 10 Feb

dating tipRed! The color of Valentines Day. Ever wondered why it is?

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Bullfighters use a red flag to attract the attention of the bull. Yes! Keywords: Attract Attention! See, even in human beings, this little color arouses a similar reaction.

Apparently, women are drawn – sexually - to men in red. This is according to a study which discovered that “…women found men more appealing when they were either pictured wearing red or framed in red, compared with other colors.”

People have always associated red with sex and passion. But going back to basic animal behavior, red is the color of sex organs… a color displayed only by the alpha male on most primates. Coming back home, red is also associated with power and dominance; qualities that are deemed sexy by most women. Its no wonder – in another study - women found men wearing something as simple a red T-shirt to be of higher status and more attractive (both generally and sexually) than those who wore blue ones.

On the other hand, red has always been associated with seductive, passionate, vicious women. In some studies red has been found to be equally stimulating for men too; "…boosting arousal levels and their desire to chase." And back to primates again, female baboons and chimps become red while about to ovulate as a mating signal to the males.

Well, much as most of the explanations here are tied to animal sexual behavior, better raise that "red flag" this Valentines Day because like it or not - no matter how sophisticated we like to think we are - we all have that inner animal in us when it comes to sex. Lemme know if RED scored you some.

Show me some red! Roar! ;-)

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