8 best icebreakers while chatting with women

Posted by James, 16 Mar

When it comes to online dating, there are quite a number of people who have trouble when it comes to approaching women. Either they get cold feet and get it all wrong or they just have no clue about how to go about it.

Most men usually say it’s hard to chat with women online because women are quite complicated. You just never know how to do it right. But we can’t run away from it as online chatting has become one of the most popular features that dating sites are providing. So if your opening lines aren’t right, then it’s about time you got them right. It’s the only way you can have a break-through online.

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There is nothing to be scared about. For one, you have privacy working to your advantage. Unlike approaching a woman at a bar, talking to women online is much easier because the humiliation is less. It's not in the public domain.

The other advantage is that you have time on your side to come up with a great ice-breaker. You can type or search for some of the ones that have worked for others online. And the online has quite a number of them… Some even funny. Standing out is very important.

How hard is it to start a conversation that gets responses?

Well, below are some 8 great ice-breakers you can that you can try out with women that guarantee responses and create a great conversation with a woman.

1. I am also…

The key here is to go through someone’s profile and mention something that they have written about themselves. For instance, “I am also quite nerdy”, or “I am also into movies.” This proves to someone that you took the initiative to read their profile and actually find something that you have in common.

2. Compliments

‘Wow! That smile of yours can really light up a room”. Be that specific as opposed to telling a woman that she is cute. Everyone loves compliments.

3. Tell me two lies and a truth

Now here, you ask your interest to list two things that are lies about themselves and one that is true. Then you guess which one is true. That will definitely get the conversation when they ask why you picked your answer

4. What are you reading lately…

Well, again you have to have read ones' profile to nail this one. This can also be tied to “What have you been watching lately”. It shows that one has taken a keen interest in someone's hobbies.

5. Pet comments

“Is that dog yours? Oh… So cuddly”. I am sure the answer will be, “so you are a dog person too”? Bingo!

6. Where would you recommend for a vacation?

People love traveling. And if they love it, then they will always want to talk about the places that excited them most.

7. Quick question…

“What is your best taco joint?” “Pizza or Taco”? Such short questions are quite interesting as they are always followed by “Why”?

8. “What drink is that?”

Well, if someone has posted a pic of them having some cocktail or some food, ask what is? If it’s the food, say “Whatever you are eating looks too delicious. What’s it made of”?

Always remember, that for it to happen, you just have to do it! I am sure the above opening lines will assist you in creating a great conversation with your potential mate.

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  1.   Grace_Jones says:
    Posted: 20 Mar 18

    I'll have to disagree on point 2. It's really common to get a message that says nothing but a shallow, "specific" compliment and it gives no indication that he read her profile. An inbox full of physical compliments or "nice smile" is the same as an empty inbox: no content. She knows her smile looks nice. She knows she had a good hair day. That's why she chose that picture. We aren't here to be approached for the same reasons as on the street. If she took the time to write and polish her profile, acknowledge it, otherwise you don't deserve a response.

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  2.   IamBond says:
    Posted: 17 Mar 18

    This is part of the problem...the cultural expectation that the man must put on a dog-and-pony show to win the woman. This is why so many men lie.

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    • Grace_Jones says:
      Posted: 20 Mar 18

      Men lie because they are expected to try?? Lmao what a joke.

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    • RMBE320 says:
      Posted: 11 Apr 18

      I must disagree. As much as you said 'men must put on a show', I would disagree and say that is actually a prime example for a man to take charge, show his personality and show leadership without being an overlord. Example of how men can use this to take the lead rather than feel he is being cornered to act first and dance as bait: Men now a day men are told we are Neanderthals, predators and tyrants and need to be vigilant in every situation not to offend anyone, even pushing servitude and meekness in all situations so as not to even appear to be resolute in our walk of life. In the next breath we are asked why we do not act like men and women are tired of shy, unconfident me. You know you have heard it "Where have all the good men gone?" Short answer is, society has forced the good men underground. We no longer use social media, or pay attention to the news or politics, but rather continue to do what we do: work hard and provide for the spiritual, financial and physical needs of our loved ones be they a wife and kids, or just family and friends. We, the good men, no longer speak our voice on the towns stump, but have retreated to solidify our personal world and those in it. With that said, approaching a woman now a day gives us the rare opportunity to show a woman in a personal setting outside the raging storm of society exactly what she laments is gone in men: strength and confidence. But hey, that's just my opinion and I am the most at peace at this point in my life thinking this way. I get quite a few dead end attempts from women online and in real life need though I am friendly, witty, stable and put together physically in such a way that I am complemented quite often, but that doesn't deter me. In the end, when I boil it down, most people are engulfed in the tumultuous storm of life and drowning in the chaos of social media approval. Those people, men and women that live their lives vicariously through or by societies rules of normal are not interesting to me and finding out who they think they are by being rejected in their lives is a blessing. I am saved the frustration of wasting my time on them. Then there is the rare occasion I get that lets me be open and direct on a personal level with a woman: through talking. Specifically being the one that gets to initiate the contact. I get the advantage of thinking through my initial approach over and over to make sure it is exactly ant I want to say before I say it. It gives me the power to start the relationship off in the direction I want to be seen to travel rather than how society tells me I should be traveling on.

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