7 grooming mistakes men should avoid in the dating world

Posted by James, 06 Jun

Hot men on magazine covers may look unreal because of how flawless they look. But this doesn't give someone the right to look shabby especially if you are out there hoping to find a woman. Look at how women go out of their way to look hot for us. As men, it only takes a little effort on our part to look our best and well groomed - just like those film stars.

So if you want women to find you attractive then these 7 mistakes will be an instant turn off for the ladies. Here they are and how you can turn things around to charm the ladies:

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1. Nostril hair growing out of the nostril

Now this just makes a man look nasty. Get rid of it by trimming it regularly.

2. Long nails

For men, overgrown and unruly nails aren't cute at all. Much as women go out of their ways to go for manicures and pedicures unlike men, this doesn't give you the right to ignore your nails. Just clip the nails regularly.

3. Excess body hair... especially on the armpits.

This hair can accumulate lots of sweat and dirt leading to bad odour. Even if you have a six pack, having bad body odour will turn off most woman. Always trim the hair.

4. Uni-brow

This is the thick bushy kind of eyebrows that extends even to the area between the two brows making a man look like they have one brow. This makes even the hottest guy look shabby. Get rid of that hair in between the two eyebrows.

5. Bad body ordour

This is tied to number 3 above. The thing is: men tend to sweat more so if you don't trim excess body hair in your armpits then skip deodorant too, by the end of the day you will end up smelling awfully. Invest in good deodorant and trim that pit hair. Its just simple hygiene and grooming.

6. Razor bumps

Ignoring razor cuts and burn can lead to infection especially if you don't apply soothing balms and ointments after shaving. These may leave undesirable bumps on the face and may even lead to painful boil-like sores. These can put off a woman. Make sure you use aftershave to prevent this.

7. Chapped lips

Much as this may not be something you can control, it can be a major turn off. Luckily its something that can be fixed. Lip balms or chapstick are not just for the ladies. Using them regularly will reduce the symptoms or even heal the lips completely. Start taking care of those lips.

If you avoid the above and follow the few grooming tips for men, you will definitely elevate your look - making you more desirable to women.

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