6 years and still hailing white men black women relationships

Posted by James, 07 Nov

white men black womenJennifer tried to find reasons not to be with any white man who had approached her. First off, being born and raised in Africa, there had always been this notion that all black women in white men black women relationships were either in it for the money and lifestyle or were prostitutes at some point. So not wanting to be branded either made Jennifer vow never ever to date interracially.

When Jennifer decided to join our site to find a man, she never in a million years thought that she was going to be one of those women in white men black women marriages. She was there to find a Black man. And the only thing she was open about, was maybe finding a Black man (not a non-Black man) from anywhere in the world. But that wasn’t what the cards had in store for her.

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See, in her search for her Black Knight from wherever in the world, Sam, a white gentleman from Norway IMed her just as she was about to log off. "I know your profile clearly states you are looking for a Black man but give me the chance to change your mind". Challenge accepted and off they went with their conversation which turned out to be so captivating that she left work at 9.30 p.m. that day! She could not wait to get home to continue with their chat. And that was the day she changed her mind and outlook towards white men black women relationships.

"See, when its you people are looking at with judging eyes, that is when you realize how unfair the world can be to interracial daters", she says. And she has been very sorry for having been on the judging side of the coin once upon the time. Jennifer and Sam have been married for 6 years now and are expecting their third baby. And she has never been happier in her relationship.

Sam, the man she almost ran from turned out to be the man she wants to run to every time she sees him. And her advice to those women who are adamant about white men black women relationships is: "Not everything is what it seems on the outside. There many couples who are in interracial relationships for all the right reasons. Let’s not judge! Judging and making assumptions could be what’s costing many people a lifetime of happiness and marital bliss."

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  1.   Natalie06 says:
    Posted: 20 Jun 12

    It's Couples Like U Both That Give Me Hope ;-) Thank You & God Bless

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  2.   lovshy says:
    Posted: 09 Apr 12

    Thank you.

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  3.   Empress99 says:
    Posted: 17 Nov 11

    Congratulations on your marriage and babies. However, I'd like to point out that having your kind of fear in the beginning was warranted in being in an interracial relationship. Having lived in an exotic holiday town as part of my line of work; interracial relationships between local colored girls and white men wasn't uncommon. Indeed it was common knowledge and the girls made it absolutely clear these relationships were monetary based and the white clientele was comfortable with the terms of these relations. Not seeing any successful relationships was enough to also discourage me and a host of other black local girls from ever being in such a relationship. Relatives and friends are also inclined towards labeling a young woman with a white boyfriend/friend with some not so good names. The idea is to remain open and forge great friendships with others of other races. One's happiness is more important than the ideologies of an ignorant lot. And when one finds their ideal mate, it's appropriate to relocate and keep the negative talk away from your white spouse because eventually such talk and discouragement from those around the couple tear into and hurt a wonderful relationship. You didn't say if you relocated but guessing from the healthy marriage you have going on...it does sound like you did. Negative talk and discourage can rock the most solid relationship.

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  4. Posted: 08 Nov 11

    Congratulations on your marriage and baby#3!

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