5 Stupid Things People Say About Interracial Dating

Posted by James, 01 May

Interracial dating

There is a general approval towards interracial dating. Black men with white women and Asian men with latino women and everything in between create a colorful swirl in the world. Despite this, there are still quite a number of myths that surround interracial relationships. Most of these things are just but misconceptions about interracial couples.

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Below are some of the stupid things I have heard about interracial dating:

1. Interracial daters aren't racist

This is the most stupid one by far. Just because someone is in an interracial relationship doesn't outrightly make them racially tolerant.

The other day, this White guy called the wife a n*gga. And this isn't an isolated incident. It has happened on numerous occasions. Spouses racially abusing their wives.

Here is the thing. I could be married to a black man married to a white woman, but can't stand Latinas. It's a possible scenario. Race doesn't automatically become irrelevant. So one needs to check themselves every time so that you don't cross the line.Steer racial clear from race related humor.

At the same time, you can't just ignore the differences in race. You need to talk about them. You need to talk about race to your children. Teach them how and where it matters and where it doesn't. Steer racial clear from race related humor.

Respect is key.


2. I hate my own race!

Really? Does it mean now I hate myself?

This is an assumption most people make. They assume the person in an interracial relationship is trying to make a statement of some sort.

Normally, especially when it concerns black men dating interracially, there is usually the assumption that they don't like black women. Apparently, they stay with black women when they are trying to get at the top. Once, they do, they move on to white women.

Same thing applies to black women. Apparently, they date white men because black men are thugs.

Well, this isn't the case at all. There usually isn't some external factor that makes someone date interracially. It isn't about self-hate. You don't choose whom you fall in love with. When the attraction and connection are there, that is all that's needed. It's all about love. And the sooner people get that, the sooner people will stop hating on interracial couples.

When the attraction and connection are there, that is all that's needed. It's all about love. And the sooner people get that, the sooner people will stop hating on interracial couples.

3. Family and friends must be OK with the relationship.

Who are we kidding here?

Apparently, those who hail from racially intolerant areas are more tolerant when it comes to dating outside their race. So you will find that those against interracial relationships come from family.

Most family members are usually against interracial relationships. And it's all because of cultural issues. They just don't trust things will work out. They just react to the other person's race. They find it uneasy.

Quite a number of people in interracial relationships don't have it easy with family and friends. There is usually the inappropriate comments that fly here and there. The couple just chooses to believe in their love. And done well, families usually come around eventually; especially when they start believing in the love the couple shares.

4. Interracial couples are together to have pretty babies.

mixed babies

People usually assume interracial couples are together for other reasons than love. And one of the reasons people site is that they want to have pretty babies. That mixed race kids are beautiful.

The thing is: kids are kids. Mixed or not, if one is beautiful, he or she is beautiful.

The thing is: People meet and fall in love. People stay together for love. Cute babies aren't the reason people stay together. Love is the tie that binds people together. The same way intra-racial couples fall in love is the same way interracial couples do.

Interracial couples don't need a reason other than love to be together. It's not a statement they are trying to make. Normally, it's because someone just met this great person they want to be with. They are just diven by a desire to be together. Period!

5. Media reflects interracial relationships

Much as we see interracial couples here and there on TV, normally, their relationships just highlight the matter of race. You find the stories revolving around the issue that they are not a 'normal' couple. That they are different racially and culturally.

It gets very heated when the couple is black and white. Going by history, black-white couples have always been a no-no. Take the example of Mildred and Richard loving!

Besides the couple, whenever a company does an advert featuring a mixed family, the internet gets shaken. There was the Cheerios advert, then the recent Old Navy advert. People just seem uncomfortable with such unions.

The media, as is, seems to steer clear of black and white romantic relationships because of how people react to them. And when it comes to the big screen, the representation just isn't right based on how much interracial relationships have grown.

The thing is: we all need to just accept and appreciate the love that interracial couples share. After all, we call America a melting pot. Well, it's high time we acted it. These are just two people who met and fell in love. Are they unique? Definitely yes. But their uniqueness just lies in the fact that they have different cultures. Other than that, they are just couples. Interracial dating is just dating!

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