5 reasons why you still love him/her. Is it normal?

Posted by James, 17 Apr

Is it normal to still love my ex?

Faced with moving on after a breakup, you may ask: Is it normal to still love my ex? Depending on how it all ended, it may be difficult to move on. And it might not happen immediately. With time it should get easier. And the feelings will probably fade.

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But what if they don't? What if you find yourself years later still hang up on your ex? Is it justified to still have these feelings months or years later?

To answer you, we first need to tackle the fact that break-ups aren't easy. Accepting a breakup and getting over an ex can be hard. Letting go of someone you cared about is difficult. But whether you were head over heels in love with this special someone once-upon-a-time, hanging on to this feelings isn't healthy. This is what makes people resort to online stalking and snooping.

However, harboring these feelings of love for an ex is quite normal. And here are five reasons you probably find yourself stuck in love:

1. Most people don't fall in love overnight. And even if you happen to be of those that fall in love at first sight, falling out of love doesn't happen overnight. So if you are still struggling with these feelings much  later, don't beat yourself up. These feelings take time to go away. Its not something you wake up and snap out of. Allow yourself to grieve.

2. If you happened to be the one that got dumped, dealing with the hurt could be difficult. Accepting the fact that the relationship is over isn't easy. You are probably hoping that you can sort things out and that the love can be rekindled. You probably didn't expect the relationship to be over just like that. So you find yourself struggling to deal with the breakup.

3. If you had invested time and energy into the relationship, it becomes difficult to snap out of the love you had with this person for years. This is normal because you are probably feeling like all the time and love you invested in this person was a total waste. So you might find yourself trying to relieve all the moments you  had in your head.

4. Another reason could be you believe love never just goes away. And because you shared something magical with your ex, you find yourself hanging on to the idea that he or she still loves you and maybe someday, they may just forgive you and take you back.

5. Feelings over guilt over something you may have done can also hinder the process of moving on. If you are blaming yourself for the breakup, you will definitely feel the need to hang on to the feelings you have. This is because you find yourself asking: What if!

Given the above scenarios, and the outlined reasons why you still hang on, what do you think? Is it normal to still love my ex?

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