4 weird situations people said I love you

Posted by James, 20 Apr

When to say I love you

When it comes to dropping the L-bomb, some people just have no clue when to say I love you. People have been known to say it too soon while others just choose never to say it completely.

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The thing with saying "I love you" is when jumping the gun and say it too soon, you might scare off the person you just started dating. On the other hand, those who withhold it tend to push their partners away.

Perfect timing is key. So you need to read your partner's signs right in order to drop the bombshell when the time is right. If not done right it becomes one of those "red flags" people watch out for.

There are those partners who drop the L-word during the weirdest situations possibly known to man. They simply had no clue whatsoever. Below are 4 such scenarios:

1. You have never had sex

Much as love shouldn't be pegged on sex, coming right out and telling someone you love them even before that magical third date just aint right. And if you ask me, that is one clear sign to just RUN! Much as people might feel the pressure after having a few drinks here and there, it comes off as someone saying they love you just to get into your panties.

A similar situation is saying it at the spur of a heated moment; when you are passionately kissing during the honeymoon phase of your relationship. It just makes it awkward.

2. Saying it because one has a crisis

When dealing with emotions, people tend to throw in the L-word because of conflicted emotions. Take the death of a friend or relative for an instant. People have been known to confuse loss with a longing for someone to be there. You might find yourself saying I love you because of that grief.

Well, if your relationship isn't there yet, please just don't. Find some other time to swing one on someone. Grief isn't love.

3. "I love you. I am pregnant!"

These two phrases should never follow each other in whatever given situation. Even if you are really feeling the love, don't! Also steer clear from the "I love you. I just got fired" sequence.

4. When you say "I love you" and you get a "Thank you".

Now! This one of the weirdest and most humiliating thing anyone can ever go through when professing their love. Clearly, it means you have been reading all your partner's signals wrong. How sad can it be to discover you have been in a loving relationship (maybe interracial relationship) on your own?

So before you jump into your lovey-dovey bandwagon, give the relationship time to grow. Give yourselves time to get to know one another. Don't throw someone off-balance. Make sure your timing for when to say I love you is the perfect one.

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