3 tips that will prepare you for dating after 50

Posted by James, 23 Aug

It's official-you are ready to date again! It's been some time since you last met and mingled, and you would like to dip your toe into the dating pool and meet someone you enjoy spending time alongside.

You know that things have changed. While you might feel a bit apprehensive about dating again, with the help of three key upgrades, you'll be more than ready to start fishing for your winning catch in today's sea of suitors.

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Upgrade Your Look

While being kind and having a great personality is certainly more important than what kind of clothes you wear or how you style your hair, the fact remains that people do make certain judgments about you based on your outward appearance. If the physical attraction is not there, the relationship will probably not go anywhere. Before you start dating again, take a close look at yourself in the mirror. If you are feeling especially brave, have a close, and brutally honest friend do it for you, and see if there's something you can improve to make yourself more attractive. If you love lounging around the home in comfy clothes, invest in some stylish new outfits that will accentuate your best features. Haven't upgraded your hairstyle since the 90s? Get to the salon-quick! Confidence is key when you hit the dating scene. Your new look can enhance your self-esteem, in turn giving you the confidence to take chances and make moves.

Upgrade Your Social Scene

Back in your original dating days, you might have met nice people to go out with at school, or relied on friends to introduce you. These days, the popularity of online dating services and websites devoted to singles have made finding other interesting people much easier. There are dating platforms devoted to interracial dating for people of all ages, and sites that cater to folks who are ready to start dating again to share information about themselves and meet others who share similar interests. While some people are understandably unsure about diving into online dating sites, you could always start small and visit a few of them to see if any spark your interest, or try one of the meetups in your area.

Upgrade Your Technology

Instead of a little black book filled with the names and numbers of people we might want to spend time with, we can now use our personal electronics and a variety of dating apps in the same way. If it's been some time since you've upgraded your phone or tablet, you might want to think about getting a new model that can take full advantage of all of the social opportunities that are out there. T-Mobile offers budget-friendly deals on iPad mini and other devices that can connect you to potential suitors. Once you have your new device, you might want to look into dating apps that are compatible with your device. Most dating sites host apps that can be easily navigated, and allow for message sharing on the go, while sipping a latte at the corner coffee shop or enjoying time in your local park-after all, you never know who you could meet on the street.

Gear up! All the best!

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