Man, Aged 41 in USA, New York, Williston Park
Looking for a: Woman, Aged 29 - 44, Any Ethnicity

"Are you the Dreamer or the Dream?"

  • My ethnicity isBlack
  • Height6'0" or above
  • StatusNever married
  • SeekingLong-term
  • Body typeAverage build
  • Have childrenNo children
  • SmokingHate smoking
  • DrinkingDrink socially
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"We Connected"

He sent me an email and I was excited to respond, started talking regaularly after that. Then when we met it was really amazing how we connected! Just wished that I had met him earlier in my life! read more

Georgia, United States

How would you describe yourself?

Stop the presses! I am reading this book and it has this quote in it from Deepak Chopra about race "When we label or define people, we stop seeing them. We see only [those] labels." THINK ABOUT THAT!

♥ ***I am getting some responses "Maybe because I haven't completed my profile or added my photo to my profile". I'll assume that if I am getting these replies: you're either missing it or your response is automated. And that said I guess I shouldn't reply because there are always more that can be said via a NOTE as well as IF applicable more photos to be attached to a NOTE***

It is just a screen-name.. The worth of a man is in his actions.

I am quite laid back. I am constantly striving to learn new things. I never want to be the center of attention. I am dedicated. I guess I am shy. I like the simple things and it has never been about materialistic things.

Really... The only way to truly define myself to anyone is by allowing you the opportunity to get to know me. This doesn't begin with the cliché' "so tell me about yourself".
Try this... Tell about yourself first and let me follow your lead.

Dealing with me is an exercise in patience♥

I am looking for...


Why is it that some profiles are inundated with "Find out Later". Particularly, when it comes eye, hair color and what you do for a living??? I can only begin to wonder why!

And why are there so many profiles with photos that seem like you're looking for your next modeling gig versus making an effort to get to know someone?

While I am at it why all the boob or booty photos? Are you trying to sell something?
Not that displaying these make you any less but I have come to realize that these are special gifts that you should share with ONLY special people.

And your profiles say that you're indepedant? Need I say more.. Its spelled independent. And why should that matter? But I guess Beyonce and Neyo are to blame on this one. But if you misspelled it I guess you didn't read the CD cover. LOL..
The point is that if you're truly independent the world knows!

Does your profile say... Drink regularly? And I want a drunk or lush in my life... Why? LOL

And smokes occasionally? I don't know what to make of this one but experience has taught me that this just might mean she wont be being drug tested anytime soon.. LOL

No drama?... C'mon... If you live... I mean truly live life it will have its own script and thus DRAMA! Just deal with it. It is all in how you handle adversity versus letting it handle you.

And even though I want a woman that is "ALL WORLD" or "EVERY WOMAN" please know that you are a woman--- not women! LOL



I am in the interest in a beautiful lady. I cant describe her but I can tell you when I have the opportunity to talk and see her.

A self respecting woman that truly knows who she is. She has to have a belief in a higher power. I am sorry but the Agnostics cause me to scratch my head.

Furthermore, one that TRULY wants to get to know me. No quickies.. Please. One that offer some semblance of dedication and time.

One that is drug free and disease free. No I am not sleeping with you but at times these do tend to display character and morality

One that has a future and past and a roadmap for both. One that is mature but understand that this has nothing to do with chronology (age).

A lady that has no concern about online boundaries. That understands that when they joined that the people they meet will be global. (location)

A woman that as one of my best friends does not initially send a "representative" but is in fact herself through it all.

She has to be a conversationalist. I want someone that talks to me. I want a woman that
Can cover a broad spectrum of topics. (educated) Adding on to this she needs to understand that cursing/cussing has its time and place but not here.

Acquaintances or more... I want someone that gives and adds to our relationship rather than takes. As cliché as it may sound any relationship is about give and take (50/50).

Maybe writing someone this will discount me and eliminate a few. But such is life. However, if that has not done it yet. LOL... Ideally, I am looking for someone to have a long lasting relationship with. I want someone that I can learn from and that genuinely cares!

In closing, I am not looking for perfection. I repeat I am NOT LOOKING FOR PERFECTION. No one on this earth is perfect.

Think this is you? Send a flirt.. Drop a note. Reply to the affirmative.

Interest to me is displayed by some level of dedication. Note I am NOT saying smothering!!!
This dedication online consequently is shown by your time.
That said I know that we're all busy but if you're too busy:

A. You're spreading yourself too thin on here
B. You're just not that in to me
C. Now isn't the time for a ME in your life
D. All of the above.


My attorney tells me that I should add this clause. LOL
Ladies let a man be a MAN. That said don't feel compelled to send me your phone number or ask for mine on note 1 or 2, 3, 4, 5 for that matter. If I want it I will be a gentleman and ask/give.♥

About Him

  • Want childrenWant children
  • Eye colorBrown
  • Hair colorBlack
  • ReligionChristian
  • OccupationOther
  • EducationBachelors degree
  • LanguagesEnglish/Spanish
  • RelocationI'd relocate within my country
  • Ideally I'd live in aHouse in the suburbs/Property in the country/Cabin in the mountains/An adobe home in the desert
  • My fashion sense isDress according to the occasion
  • My sense of humor isSarcastic - Dripping with it!
  • When I go to partiesI'm in the background but enjoying myself/I go with the flow/I prop up the bar
  • On a day off, I enjoyNapping/Lunch with a friend/Catching up on household chores/Doing absolutely nothing...
  • I attend religious servicesRarely
  • When it comes to workI always put in overtime


Message Flirt Favorite IM

"We Connected"

He sent me an email and I was excited to respond, started talking regaularly after that. Then when we met it was really amazing how we connected! Just wished that I had met him earlier in my life! read more

Georgia, United States