How to Meet Guys

Meeting guys online is easier than you can imagine.

In this age and era where people are obsessed with technology and smartphones, if you want to meet guys, it's easier doing it online.

How can I meet guys who want a serious relationship?

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There are a number of single women out there who are really wondering about where and how to meet guys who want more than just a fling. One might ask. Are they really there?

People are so into the adage that men are not serious when it comes to relationships. And because of this, men have been labeled all kinds of things. I am sure “All men are dogs” and “All men are pigs” has grazed your ears more than once.

Well, there are so many men in serious and monogamous relationships who beg to differ. And there are so many of them who have been marriage for years and years. So, not all men are dogs. Same way not all women date a man for financial gains.

So where are all these good men?

These good men are all over the place. And the best place to start is an online dating site.

There are some people who still feel the internet is full of perverted men or men who want to prey and scam women. Well, if you look at the online dating success stories on various dating sites, then you will realize that, just like in real life, there is a significant number of decent men out there who want nothing but to find a nice woman who they can love and share the rest of their lives with. All you have to do is register on a website and start searching.

How do you spot such men on a dating site?

First of all, make sure that you state clearly what you are looking for on your profile. Check the box which says that you are looking for a man for a long-term relationship. This way you most of the men that get displayed to you will be those who are looking for the same thing as you.

Another thing is: when you are searching, make sure you also check the ‘long-term’ relationship box.

Where you might be going wrong.

Lots of women complain about meeting losers and men who are not serious online. See, the thing is, once they log on to a dating site, some women just start messaging men randomly or based on their sexy bodies and looks. Now much as this might get you lots of replies and communication from a number of men, it might not help you achieve your goal.

The thing you need to do is: even if a guy contacts you first, read their profile and find out why they are online and what kind of relationship they want out of online dating. Guys who want ‘harmless fun’ will contact you regardless of having mentioned that you want a long-term relationship. It’s your duty to find out this on their profiles.

Now, if ‘you decide to reply to and entertain this man, no matter how long he maintains contact, always know at the back of your mind that all he wants from you is harmless fun. Now, he may say all sorts of things but his goal of being online will never change. So don’t expect a man who wants harmless fun will suddenly switch to the long-term side just because you are cute or you are that convincing. Chances are, he won’t.

So don’t waste your time on such guys. Coz while you are busy letting this man confuse you and get your hopes up, the guys you really wanted to meet, those looking for a long-term gig will pass you by without even noticing. They will inbox you and you will ignore them because you are occupied. Then when this ‘fling’ guy gets tired of you and disappears, you start wondering: “I have tried everything. Where do I meet guys who are serious?”

The answer is: They have always been there. You just haven’t been paying attention.

So here is how you snag one:

  • Get a profile picture that really says that you are actually looking for something long-term. Forget about the bathroom mirror selfies. Get someone to take the pictures for you.

  • Let your profile speak to these serious men. Use words that say that you are serious. “I enjoy cooking” as opposed to “I am the life of the party”. And make sure your grammar and spellings are right. Please forget abbreviations. And make sure its states on your profile that you are looking for a long-term relationship.

  • Remember, never get into a relationship with a man hoping you will change him. If he says he wants a fling, that is exactly what he wants. So stop wasting your time online chatting such men. If you really want to meet guys online who are serious, then only contact those who say they are looking for a serious relationship.