Interracial white dating. What is it?

What does interracial white dating really mean?

For years on end people have been having myths about interracial white dating. Well sheds a little light on this...

Interracial white dating isn't black and white.

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Interracial dating, in general, is a relationship which involves two people from different races. The composition of races can be anything: Black and Asian, Black and White, Latino and White, Asian and White, Latino and Black… The list and the possibilities are endless.

Initially, when people would speak about interracial relationships, it was automatically assumed that it meant Black and White dating. I am guessing this is because of the slave trade mentality. Basically, Whites were not supposed to romantically mix with the Blacks since they were slaves. So when interracial marriage was being outlawed in the US, it was mainly Black-White mixing that was illegal.

Today, with the influx of immigrants from various parts of the world, the word interracial has a much broader meaning. All other racial combinations are now being recognized.

So what is interracial white dating?

Interracial white dating is a romantic relationship which involves white man or woman and someone from any other race. For instance: Asian and White, Black and White, Latino and White… So whenever a white person dates someone from another race, even if the person is mixed race, then that still qualifies as interracial white dating since there is more than one race involved.

The rise in white dating.

Today, more and more people of other races are open and are accepting dating and marrying white people. It is becoming more of a norm. Initially, people used to say that black women were opposed to dating white men. But today, we are seeing more black women getting their swirl on.

There are more immigrants coming into the Western world. And this has brought up diversity in very many neighborhoods. Now when these immigrants are there, chances are that they get to mingle a lot with white folks, both in schools and at work. So this makes so much sense that they would date white people since they are the majority. At the same time, with such a setting where you are spending time with say, white people, one of them will catch your eye and eventually fall in love.

With the rise in interracial dating sites, white men and women have become more accessible to people who are attracted to and want to date them. And on these interracial sites, you are guaranteed that the white men and women who are members of these sites are there for one reason: to search and date men and women of other races.

The beauty with interracial dating sites is the accessibility they offer whites too. They have the freedom and access to huge databases of men and women of other races hence increasing the chances of meeting them.

Does dating white mean trading up?

Some people still have the master-slave mentality embedded deeply in their heads. Such are the people who come up with things like “dating white is dating up”. The media has also played a major role in this because they make white seem supreme.

The truth of the matter is: people of other races are also doing very well financially. So does the trading up notion come into play when two elites meet and fall in love?

Is it real attraction or just a fetish?

This question is based on stereotypes that people have formed about minority races. For instance, some people believe the only reason white men date black or Asian women is that they fetishize them. This has even made some women of other races who are approached by white men question the white man’s intentions. Some even do so in their relationships with white men.

Now when white women date a black woman, people say she is doing so because of the “super d*ck” stereotype. On the other hand, people assume black men date white women because they are more feminine in comparison to white women.

Do people who date white hate their own race?

Definitely not. But this myth usually flies around. Some even say men and women of other races date white so that their kids can get the white features of their spouses and NOT look like them. This one is just stupid. Whoever came up with this notion, …!!!

Is interracial white dating based on love?

Definitely yes. It is what it is. Two people met. There was some chemistry between them. Two souls bonded. They fell in love. Pretty simple right?

I think people should stop reading too much into interracial love. It’s just love. And looking at the numerous long-term relationships that white people share with their non-white spouses, who are we to say it isn’t love?