Mixed Couples

Jen & Chris -
Philadelphia, United States

Engaged December 2012

Mixed Couples - Her Two-Year Wait Was Worth It | InterracialDatingCentral - Jen & Chris Mixed Couples - Her Two-Year Wait Was Worth It | InterracialDatingCentral - Jen & Chris Mixed Couples - Her Two-Year Wait Was Worth It | InterracialDatingCentral - Jen & Chris

Her Two-Year Wait Was Worth It

With their busy schedules, Jen and Chris were drawn to online dating by the convenience factor. Giving them the ability to browse profiles and correspond with other singles at any time of day or night, it was something both singles could do whenever they had a free second. But neither of them was especially bullish about the outcome. Jen remembers being “not very” confident she would find love online. Chris says he was only “fairly confident.”

It took “Greeneyes90” (Jen) two years on our site before she received a message from “cl1313” (Chris). He had only been a member for a month at that point. Something about Jen really stood out for Chris… He says that he was “already in love” after corresponding with her for just a short time. And it wasn’t long before Jen felt great about this pairing herself. “I knew he was amazing,” she says.

What made this duo decide they were ready to meet for a date? “I couldn’t wait anymore,” laughs Chris. Jen agrees, saying, “It felt right.” So a date was scheduled and kept.

In person, the pair picked up right where they left off in cyberspace. “He was so handsome,” Jen blushes, recalling the first moment she ever laid eyes on Chris in the real world. But she wasn’t alone in being impressed; Chris was blown away by the woman in front of him. “She was perfect,” he says, reliving that moment in his head for the millionth time. “I was shocked by how gorgeous she was in person.”

Jen was caught off guard by their instantaneous rapport. “I was surprised by how easy it was to talk to him,” she says. “I was very sure we would go out again!”

Jen admits that Chris is nothing like most of the guys she dated in the past. However, he’s very much the man she always wanted to meet. Jen notes that his profile didn’t fully convey “how patient he is,” so the happy surprises keep on coming. Chris says that while Jen was definitely his type, her profile couldn’t do justice to her warm heart or hint at “how kind she is” in real life.

One quiet night at home together, Chris proposed! Jen happily accepted. She says the decision was easy for her, adding, “I feel fulfilled!” And Chris can’t believe how much meeting Jen has affected his perspective on things. “Life just seems better,” he says.

For the single ladies out there, Jen has these words of encouragement. “Be patient, and don’t settle!” To single guys, Chris advises that you “Be gentlemanly, show her how much you care, and compliment her often!”

This recipe for success sure worked for Jen and Chris, whom we congratulate on their pending nuptials.

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