Interracial Marriage

Dellalee & Bash -
Hong Kong

Married January 2012

Interracial Marriage - Their First Date Never Ended | InterracialDatingCentral - Dellalee & Bash Interracial Marriage - Their First Date Never Ended | InterracialDatingCentral - Dellalee & Bash

Their First Date Never Ended

Like so many success stories from our site, newlyweds Bash and Dellalee (yes, those are their real names) found each other because these singles didn’t expect love to show up at their doorstep like a UPS delivery. “I felt this site was right for me,” Dellalee says about her decision to bite the bullet and sign up. “It was my first experience with online dating, but my instinct just told me to go for it.”

After about three months of venturing down the often-winding roads to online courtship, Bash and Dellalee crossed paths. Bash spotted his future wife’s profile. It struck a chord of kinship in his heart and told him this woman was someone he HAD to reach out to. So he sent her several Flirts.

“He’s handsome!” Dellalee remembers thinking about Bash’s profile photos. What’s more, as the pair began communicating, she was struck by how authentic, honest and forthright Bash was. “Wow. He’s real,” she thought.

After getting to know each other through our site’s many avenues of communication, Bash and Dellalee decided they were ready to spend some time together “in the flesh.” After all, you can only spend so much time talking before you put chemistry to the test. First dates are awkward at times, but they tell you things no IM, email or phone call can.

Bash bought Dellalee plane tickets so she could come to visit him. She never went home. “We stayed together from day one,” she tells us. Their love sparked as naturally as dry kindling in a brick hearth. Today, Dellalee says their relationship is “fantastic” and it seems clear this pair has already shared many happy times. “Everything is perfect!” raves Dellalee.

Out of the blue, Bash proposed one day while they were watching television. “We’re together for life!” promises Dellalee. To other singles she says to “trust your instincts” and “go with the flow.” She also recommends that people follow in her footsteps when they choose a dating site. “I trust this site fully. Good luck!”

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