Interacial Marriage

Mary & Rob -
San Diego, United States

Married February 2013

Interacial Marriage - Her Pass at Him Produced a Slam Dunk | InterracialDatingCentral - Mary & Rob Interacial Marriage - Her Pass at Him Produced a Slam Dunk | InterracialDatingCentral - Mary & Rob Interacial Marriage - Her Pass at Him Produced a Slam Dunk | InterracialDatingCentral - Mary & Rob

Her Pass at Him Produced a Slam Dunk

“Cutychic” and “Pacificsalt” were the profile handles adopted by Mary and Rob, two singles who joined our site with high hopes but realistic expectations. Their hopes were realized and their expectations wildly surpassed — these two are now married! But how did it happen?

The story starts with Mary’s decision to date online because the guys in her neck of the woods just weren’t what she was looking for. “I wanted to meet men very different than [those I met] where I lived,” she tells us. Mary says she was “hoping, praying, but not sure” our site was the answer. This was her first attempt at online dating.

Rob was already a convert, and here’s why. “Online dating is superior because you can cater specifications on both ends to what you want,” he explains. Internet dating since 2006, Rob’s experience taught him that meeting someone was the easy part. The trick is meeting the RIGHT person. As Rob puts it, “I was confident about finding some compatible companionship, while fairly cynical about finding someone with whom I’d want to spend the rest of my life.”

Preparing his profile, Rob’s strategy was not to cast a wide net. Instead, he tried to strike a chord with compatible women. “It helps to really lay it out there who you are and who you want to be with,” he advises singles. Rob suggests that “how you present yourself” goes a long way toward deciding who you’ll hear from. “It saves time to screen poor matches right off the bat — quality over quantity. I was very picky, and it paid off big time!”

Two years after he joined, Rob received a Flirt from Mary. In just a few months’ experience with online dating, Mary had already learned that female members should be proactive about contacting guys who catch their eye. So what was it about Rob that attracted her attention? Mary reveals that Rob came off as “handsome, mature, expressive, with a good sense of humor. His profile was informative and gave you a good idea of what the guy’s about. But I didn’t anticipate that he’d constantly have me laughing and smiling!”

As they communicated online, Rob discovered that the woman he was talking to possessed “tremendous character and integrity.” He adds that “Mary is so much deeper than her profile. Her life experiences and maturity just make me melt with respect, admiration and love.”

Getting together in person made all the sense in the world. “I knew we’d get along well,” says Mary. “He always made me feel so good about myself.” And Rob felt the same way. “We had such good rapport via every way we communicated. The decision to get together was a slam dunk!”

The two made a date for New Year’s Eve! An unusual choice, but at least they could expect a kiss at the stroke of midnight. There were a few bumps in the road, however. “I got motion sickness in the taxi before even having a drink,” laughs Mary. “He was so mellow, sweet and understanding about it.” Rob had no complaints about how he rung in the New Year. “Just being with Mary was the thrill for me. The venue, the night, nothing mattered except being with her.” Rob showers Mary with compliments, calling her “smart, ambitious, fun and a real doll.”

Was anyone surprised by discrepancies between the person in the profile and the one in front of them? Turns out they had had misjudged each other’s height… “He did seem a bit taller than I expected, and that great smile was even better in person,” Mary recalls. Rob was also surprised, in a good way. “She was a bit shorter than I expected, prettier than her pictures, and I was entranced!”

“There was no doubt” that Mary wanted to go out with Rob a second time. And as he puts it, “We had such rapport before meeting that we weren’t surprised we got along famously right away. There was no question about the next one.”

Date No. 2 went well and the rest, as they say, is history. Nothing could keep these two apart. One fateful day, Rob made a grand gesture. “I got down on one knee in the ocean and wrapped a bit of seaweed around her right finger on the WRONG hand — which she will NEVER let me forget — and asked if she would marry me. Despite my faux pas, she laughingly accepted, thank goodness!”

Mary is overjoyed at the outcome of her decision to subscribe to our site. “My dreams have come true,” she gushes. “I know I will spend the rest of my life with the best man in the world for me! He is my dream guy and I’ve never been with anyone quite like him.”

Rob says he had become “a bit jaded” about love and marriage. “I’m happily shocked to have met Mary and found someone so ridiculously compatible with me, for today and all time. Mary has added zest to my life, made me think more about the future and even given more purpose to my existence. Mary is ideal for me because of her brains, wit, moral strength and verve.”

To people without a partner, Mary suggests the following. “Just be honest about yourself and very careful about others. We really got to know each other well before meeting, and that helped so much!”

Remember, folks — it doesn’t matter if you put the ring on the wrong finger, as long as it’s the right person’s hand!

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