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One Great Date Deserves Another

Try as she might, Nancy hadn’t managed to meet the man for her—at least not through conventional means. She tells us she was looking for “a different way to meet someone.” While online dating has become an accepted, even encouraged method for meeting people, many singles still see it as a newfangled thing.

Like John. “I had heard about online dating,” he says. “I wanted to see if it could work…”

John admits that he had his doubts about the efficacy of the site when he signed up. It’s not that he was skeptical of our service in particular—he was just “not that confident” about finding love, in general. Nancy, though, had a more upbeat attitude. “I was optimistic,” she recalls.

One day, John was browsing profiles. Spotting Nancy, John stopped clicking the mouse. In fact, his jaw hit the floor. “I thought she was beautiful,” he says. “I wanted to get to know more about her!”

Nancy noticed immediately that she’d gotten John’s attention. She recounts her experience. “I received an alert when he viewed my profile. I logged on and emailed him, then he emailed me. We began to chat live…”

For John, this was essentially a last-ditch effort to make something happen in his love life. He’d been a member of our site for a year, but until now he had no luck finding a keeper. “I was about to cancel, and then we met,” he says.

Nancy had been patient, but it took a sweet deal to keep her around. “I was on the site for six months,” she says. “They offered a $1 deal for the month, and that’s when we met!”

What drew Nancy to John right away was his picture. “I thought he was cute,” she confesses, blushing. But looks aren’t everything and there was substance here, too. Reading what John wrote about himself, Nancy decided that this fellow would be “interesting to get to know.”

The barriers between them quickly fell as the pair connected via live chat and phone. “I felt comfortable after we’d been chatting and talking,” Nancy says. “I wanted to meet this great guy!”

It takes two to tango. Was John up for a dance? Heck, yeah! “There was too much in common when we were talking [to not meet],” John declares. “I wanted to meet this wonderful woman.”

We asked the couple, “What was your first thought about each other when you met face to face?” Nancy’s response was candid. “Thank God, he looks just like what he posted online,” she remembers thinking. That means his photo was current, well lit and naturalistic, as all profile pics should be. When he first laid eyes on Nancy, John’s happy mental dialogue began “thank you, baby Jesus!”

It was a night of firsts for the fledgling couple. “He trusted me enough to try sushi for the first time,” Nancy laughs. Not only did John take the culinary plunge and sample some raw fish, he considered this a record setting day in another category as well. He’d never felt so comfortable with someone he just met! This first meeting sure didn’t feel like one. “In person, the convo just flowed like we had known each other for awhile,” John says.

Just hours after the date wrapped up, a phone call from Nancy confirmed John’s suspicion that Attraction Alley was a two-way-street. “We had talked about seeing each other again, and we did! She called me and we met up for lunch the very next day.”

John and Nancy are delighted to have met someone who so closely matches their preferences in a partner. “I’ve always pictured [my type] to be just how he is,” Nancy says of John. These two are in full agreement on the compatibility question. Isn’t that right, John? “What I was always searching for in a woman, I found it all in her,” he agrees.

“This kind of love is unexplainable,” adds Nancy. “We grow every day, and I love him more for that every day.” John says, “Our love for each other is the greatest feeling in the world. I could not have imagined that love could be like this, every day.”

As happy as we all are for Nancy and John, we also hope that YOU will be as fortunate. Here’s a piece of advice from Nancy on how to follow in her footsteps and find a love of your own. “Be honest, optimistic and real,” she emphasizes. “The one for you will be just that real, too!”

John thinks that single men are better off writing a well-thought-out message than sending a Flirt, which isn’t as personalized. “When you check out her profile, don’t just send a Flirt. Send an email. Also, don’t be so quick to think she isn’t going to respond.”

After all, we’ve seen how John’s pessimistic attitude was proven wrong. If you wonder if you will ever make a connection like John and Nancy’s, I hope their story has given you the confidence to keep trying. Good luck, and happy dating!

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