Black Women Seeking White Men

Humming_bird -
Texas, United States

To Be Continued

It took about six months before he said I was his girl, today matter fact. His profile is TheGooner.

In April I sent him a message rather than a flirt telling him he was a cutie, lol. I didn't expect much because I lived in Texas and he lived in Prague, Czech Republic at the time. Dating online was just a suggestion to try since my schedule and with my divorce being finalized I didn't want someone that just wanted casual "fun" in my life.

But after about a month of bliss of Skyping, he sent me a message that he just couldn't talk to me anymore. I was crushed because no one had his personality and really started to reflect the kind of man I prayed for.

I gave him space but still continued to send countless emails lol that he didn't respond to and sometimes did. I knew that if I prayed for a man then I also have to trust the outcome when I have to let go and let God.

So after about three months months or so he felt my heart one day and so I sent him another one of my infamous emails, lol but this time I included a prayer for serenity. Then everything changed. A door closed in his life and he needed the emotional support that he wasn't getting.

He now lives in Canada and since we are now official, FINALLY, we can start working on us and seeing if we are each others missing link to love.

To be continued...

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