How to Chat with Women Online

Chat with women online doesn't have to be so difficult.

Chatting with women online is not rocket science. All one needs is a few steps on how to go about it. If you follow these, you will nail it!

So how should men go about their conversations with women?

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When it comes to chatting with women online, quite a number of men fail miserably. When asked, they throw in the normal: Women are too complicated or women are too emotional. Quite a number of women have talked extensively about what puts them off about the men who have contacted them online. But is it such a daunting task? Does talking to women online have to be so difficult?

Much as online dating has gained such popularity; men have also admitted just how hard is to chat with women online. They seem not to know what women want to hear. And when they think they are going to hit the nail on the head, the hammer just slips.

How to get your chat on!

So how are men supposed to go about these online conversations with women?

First of all, before you even decide to initiate contact with any woman, then its best to go through your profile and get rid of any inappropriate phrases or pictures; unless your main goal is to appear as so or you just want to find a quick fix to your dry spell. If you are looking to make a meaningful connection, then make sure your profile is a reflection of the kind of person you hope to be taken for.

Work on your opening line:

The thing with talking to women is: you have to get your opening line right. Intimidating as it may seem, once you nail this bit, carrying out the rest of the conversation becomes much easier.

Now, here is where you want to be unique… not a “Hi there” or “Hey” person like every other man online. Try and be creative. Let your opening line be outstanding and captivating enough for her not to resist it.

There are so many openers that you can find online. And most of them do spark the conversation instantly. And this is what we want, right? Go through the girl’s profile and find something she likes. For instance, if she loves bowling, how about leading with: “Wow! A woman who loves bowling! I am impressed. Now I am challenged to pick up on it”.

Keep the conversation going:

Now that you have her attention and have talked about your lack of bowling skills, you need to keep the convo going. And the best way to do this is to ask open-ended questions, especially about herself. Again, go through her profile in order to find out what she likes and ask more about it.

Do you have common interests? Engage in such topics. You will be shocked at how long the conversation will go on. Let the questions you ask not be the ones that elicit a “yes” or “no” answer. Structure them in a way that they will require some form of explanation from her.

Compliment her:

Now, by compliments, I don’t mean you leading with how bootylicious or boobylicious she is when she has clearly indicated that she is looking for a man she can develop a serious relationship with. Keep the compliments subtle and respectful.

You can tell her how great a conversationalist she is. For instance: “I never thought I would find someone who is so easy to chat with online.” You can also compliment her on other aspects of her personality and her intellect. Leave the “you are so sexy” compliments for when you have established great online chemistry.

Make the conversation about her:

If you want a woman to strike and maintain an online conversation with a woman, then make it all about her. Put your ego aside and show an interest in the things she likes and wanting to know more about her. Women are attracted to men who probe and give them a listening ear.

Don’t be a jerk

Respect is one thing that will keep the conversation going. Keep it simple and subtle. Steer clear of sexual banter during the initial stages of your conversation. And keep your dirty jokes to yourself. What you might call a joke, might be you coming off as a jerk.

Leave her wanting and waiting for the next conversation…

Tell her how glad it was to meet someone you could have a meaningful conversation with. And don’t forget to hint that you really enjoyed it and how you it would be a great pleasure if you spoke again: (“It would be great if we got did this again, don’t you agree?”). And if it was really that great, mention something about your conversation and ask for an email to send her ‘more info’. If she does, then you have gotten the hang of chatting with women online.