Zimbabwe - Transcending cultural barriers

Posted by James, 14 Mar

Multicultural, interracial and multiethnic dating and/or marriages are one sure way of transcending cultural barriers. Zimbambe is one good example in Africa. The influx of migrant workers from Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique who settled in the country during the social revolution eventually ended up with the immigrants marrying the locals… People gotta mate ;-)

Most academics also left the country for most English speaking countries to pursue academic studies. Well man cannot live on bread alone. While there, they not only enhanced their education… they also found love.

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One thing we owe to independence is intercultural and interracial marriages are now common and have become part of the new social structure. Unlike before, quite a number of foreigners are now getting married to locals. Is this what we call the height of civilization… Love transcending cultural and racial barriers? Well this could be the case coz in Zimbabwe, cross-cultural marriages are now quite common and no longer raise eyebrows in society, as was the case before.

Getting married isn’t hard. But even with support from the parents, adjusting to a new culture is what is. However accommodation of other races by religious and educational institutions is thus encouraging cultural fusion. And with the increasing number of young people who are going to study abroad, the trend will certainly continue.

"Zimbabweans are becoming tolerant because diverse cultural groups are increasing and it has become increasingly very difficult for the locals or foreigners to only look inside their race for someone to marry," said the pastor Evan Mawarire of Hear the Word Ministries. However, not everyone accepts this position, the older generation is still skeptical about such marriages, with some parents refusing to attend their children’s weddings, others sitting in the back crying throughout the wedding!!! But what really matters is praying for those getting married to be happy.

If it can be done in Zimbabwe, so can it be worldwide. I gotta have faith people…

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  1.   tallnwhite1 says:
    Posted: 15 Oct 09

    Interesting article. Although as most liberalism goes.......completely false. The black controlled government is in the process of "racial genocide" against whites living in Zimbabwe. Of course the world community says nothing about it, because they are white. If anyone has never heard of this go to "you tube" and type "whites in zimbabwe". The bloody pictures and dead bodies of whites is proof. This also happened in South Africa about 15 years earlier. It also was hailed as the wonderful end of aparteid and viewed as tolerant, open, progressive etc. So much for this bull-shit article.

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  2.   phatkitty says:
    Posted: 12 Nov 07

    Cynthia, black people cannot be racist; there is no economic power for "us" to take that title. But we can definately be prejudice.

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  3.   cynthia says:
    Posted: 10 Apr 07

    People astound me. Not just the white race but also my race which is black. People are people, if we are able to produce racially mixed children then we are the same. If there were a difference there would not be mixed children. You know, like cats and dogs can't produce. Anyone who cannot understand these principles or think inter marriages are wrong, are truly ignorant, lacking common sense and a knowledge of human biology. I don't know if whites are aware of the fact many Blacks are racist. My family is still trying to figure out what's wrong with me, and vice verse. God intended it, marry who you want.

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  4.   Fala says:
    Posted: 15 Mar 07

    I once read someone's suggestion for an end to racism: intermarriage and procreation. People don't raise kids to hate their own.

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