Why more women are straying ... guilt free!

Posted by James, 02 Dec 10

women cheatingAffairs no longer happen by accident… they are like a to-do-list. And more and more women are having the so called no-strings flings just like men used to.They are not looking for soulmates; just some erotic abandonment. So why are so many women straying.

According to the survey “The Way We Are Now” carried out by Relate, 34% of women respondents owned up to being unfaithful, compared with 32% of men. The sex relationships counselor for Relate, Paula Hall, expects the number of females who have been unfaithful to rise because in the world of today, people cheat for totally different reasons. The days when women cheated in order to get emotional intimacy are “outdated”. She says...

"…there are certainly more women being unfaithful because they fancied somebody and were away for a weekend with the girls or on business and seized an opportunity. Or it's a case of a woman being neglected in the bedroom in the way a man once was and wanting to find a way to scratch her itch."

The thing is, today’s women belong to the “Because I’m Worth It” generation. These are the kind of women who are used to getting free and freaky sex and they expect it in marriage. And if they don't get it, they will go out there and find it and seize the opportunity whenever it presents itself – be it in bars, when on holiday alone or with the girls. Then there are those who had less than a handful stable boyfriends and a string of one-night-stands when single and tend to miss their old irresponsible lifestyles.

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For some women, having an affair reaffirms them that they still have that freaky side … the side they thought they'd lost a long time ago. The dead side that gets revived by these clandestine men.

Women of today don’t live with the guilt that used to torment the adulteresses of yester years to suicide. And they do not wish for their marriages to end either because they don’t want their families to experience the damage that divorce inflicted on earlier generations. And with the phones and internet, its much easier to run these extramarital affairs. All they want is a little excitement and someone to scratch that itch!

One full-time mother of 34 says, “It's about passion and spontaneity – having sex in the shower and up against a wall, all the things you see in movies that just never happen when you're arguing over whose turn it is to wipe the kids' bottoms."

Some women are adamant that their infidelity is saving their marriages rather than jeopardizing it. And extramarital affairs fill in the gaps such as no sex, ordinary sex, no compliments, boredom, the burbs and farts... And these other lovers assist women tolerate husbands behaving badly.

For some women, sex is a difficult subject to talk to with their spouses. There is the ego and pride of the man which can be shattered with a statement like You aint lighting my fire no more." So, why enrage a man and shatter his ego discussing his sexual short-comings when you can easily outsource... right?

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  1. Posted: 19 Dec 10

    blah blah blah there is no justification for infidelity unless you live in a country where women's right does not exist. i strongly believe that if a relationship, marriage or union is lacking something to the extent that one or both parties feel the urge, desire or need to stray, then you might as well end that union before venturing into another. because like every dirt bag whether male or female who has cheated will tell you, CHEATING ONLY WORSENS THE SITUATION. so sick of hearing 2 wrongs don't make a right...last time i checked 1 wrong & 1 right don't make a right either...so i'll stick to 2 wrongs cuz it might not make things right but it definitely makes things E-V-E-N and you get to go to sleep with a degree with of satisfaction!

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  2.   kissime says:
    Posted: 05 Dec 10

    teejay231 I'm against marital infidelity in every way. It seems the whole idea of commitment in a lot of marriages have been on the women because "most men have found it difficult to be faithful" ' When a man does try' is not properly stated in order for the woman to repay him. If a woman is revengeful and decides to have her fire lit with strangers, you must be assure the man have gone beyond attempt-he's cheated. Marriage is sacred. And this is the reason why no man or woman should marry to anyone with no morals or past he/ she can not leave behind. I understand the topic is 'Why more women are straying … guilt free!' but let's not use this opportunity to bash women and be hypocritical (not a personal attack). Once again, I am against marital infidelity/ adultery. And I'm a true believer of Two wrongs don't make a right. BUT: Don't Dish it Out if You Can't Take It! If polygyny or polyandry is ones belief-please do clarify prior to standing before God as a liar and unite. Adultery is a violation of marriage (as far as monogamy); the dissolution of a marriage. If a man cheats on me-he has made the decision of ending our relationship. And if woman cheats she's made her decision of ending her relationship (married or not)

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  3.   teejay231 says:
    Posted: 05 Dec 10

    If this is what marriages are coming to these days, then the whole idea of commitment in relationships is dying! Most men find it difficult to be faithful, with all the temptation out there everyday, but when a man does try and his wife repays him by "lighting her fire" with strangers, then whats the point? As a family is the basic unit of a society, such decadence can only reflect on the society as a whole...this is more the reason why no man should get married to a woman with no morals or a past she can't leave behind.

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  4.   purple_lily says:
    Posted: 04 Dec 10

    the idea that a wife would and could be more comfortable having sex (sharing her one and only body) with a complete stranger for a one-night stand, or having a longer term affair with someone and the relationship is just about physical pleasure, rather than having a heart-to-heart conversation with the person she willingly committed to spending her life with says something about our culture. I'm not sure that statement is a positive one.

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  5.   kissime says:
    Posted: 04 Dec 10

    -"scratch her itch.” Get another ITCH--that can't be scratch. Or a new SEXUAL EPIDEMIC DISEASE name after YOU -"Affairs no longer happen by accident" An affair is never by accident… they're always on a to-do-list -"Today’s women belong to the “Because I’m Worth It” generation" Seriously, if you feel you're only worthy when you're being banged by different men-then you need some serious therapy. -"They do not wish for their marriages to end either because they don’t want their families to experience the damage that divorce inflicted on earlier generations" If you're involved in an affair most likely your marriage will end. And the damage of divorce will inflict your children. Some have no moral. If your marriage fails I hope its not because of having sex with someone other than your husband or wife. -"Some women are adamant that their infidelity is saving their marriages" It's NOT! Some women are just convincing themselves it's okay to be whores. And when their men finds out they try to get sympathy from the world. They're not sorry for having an affair. They're sorry they got caught. -"You aint lighting my fire no more.” My fire have not been lite in years...It's called discipline! -Do What you want. Take Responsibility.

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