Why Men Fear Diamonds When Dating

Posted by James, 21 Mar

We have this stereotype about how a man should be: practical, reasonable, cold and fearless. Perhaps that’s true for superheroes, who only exist in the fantasies and T.V. shows. In the real world, men are just human beings, they can feel emotions just as women do.

Some men feel insecure about their looks, some are scared of commitment, and others have fears about where they stand in life and whether they’ll be able to achieve what they want. But one fear that terrorizes all men regardless, is the mention of those small crystalline pieces of solid carbon… Yes, we’re talking about… You-Know-What.. That-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named...

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Reasons Why Diamonds Are Just Scary

Take a deep breath, we know that was terrifying. But there’s no danger now, you’re safe.

If you’re like most men, then eventually, you’re down the road of commitment. It was beautiful, even magical. Now things are getting pretty serious and you know what the next step is: Proposal. As if taking the decision of a lifetime commitment to your partner wasn’t scary enough, there’s the whole dilemma of getting your dream house, providing for someone else and starting your own little family to worry about.

But no, here comes the giant monster. Surely you’ve asked yourself this question: Why do you have to measure the amount of love you share by how big a diamond you get for her? Perhaps you’re having some common suspicions and worries too:

1. Diamonds Are Just One Big Conspiracy Theory That Need  a Fortune

There’s a common belief among men that diamonds are just one big conspiracy theory played by De Beers and fellow jewelers. The theory states that they were scared the truth about how diamonds actually have little intrinsic value would get out, and so they played the “diamond engagement ring” game. In doing so, they marked up diamonds to 200% of their real value, convincing women all over the world that the amount of love she gets is proportional to the price of the diamond ring her man gets her.

It’s true that diamonds are on the top 5 list of the most expensive jewelry in the world, but that is no conspiracy. Starting from mining to financing inventory, sorting, cutting and supreme expertise needed, making diamonds is no cheap business. There’s also the fact that the rough yield of a diamond (which is non-renewable) is around 30%, which is really low.

2. What’s with the C’s

Trying to research diamonds must have felt like preparing a master’s thesis or something. It’s too complicated! If you feel overwhelmed with all of the complicated words, here’s a very simplified version of the Diamonds 101 Course. It’s all about the 4 C’s:

  • Clarity

On the diamond scale, the clearer, the better. They’re scaled from F (flawless), through IF (internally flawless), VVS (Very, Very Slight), S (Slight), and I (Included). The further you go from the F, the less clarity you get.

  • Color

The best diamonds are the colorless ones. On a scale from D to Z: D-F are colorless, G-J are almost colorless, K-M have a hint of yellow, N-R have very light yellow, and S-Z are yellow.

  • Cut

The cut is the proportions, symmetry, and finish of the diamond. The more precisely cut the diamond, the more sparkly and magnificent it looks.

  • Carat

This is where size comes to play, starting from 0.25 ct to 0.5 ct, 0.75 ct, 1.00 ct and all way to 2.00 ct. Going higher than 1.00 ct is well above average.

3. You Can Never Get It Right

It would be best to consult the professionals when it comes to making the right decision. Rockher is a great place to start because you do need to find an outlet and a site that is reliable. You should be able to find similar outlets in your area, just do a bit of research. They’ll be able to let you know which cut is best for your situation. Round, Cushion or Oval? Princess, Asscher, Marquise, or Radiant? Ready-made collection, or should you go for loose diamonds and make her a custom one? It may feel like you’ll never get it right, but in all honesty, this all comes down to what shape and style your girl likes the most. This is the part when you make the purchase together.

Facing the Giant Monster: Diamonds

Diamonds might be one of the very few things capable of making men shiver in fear, but it’s only because they feel it’s too expensive and that no matter what, they can never get it right. But when it comes down to it, most would ready their battle-gear (aka. money) and go through it all to show their girls just how much they mean to them. It is a huge and difficult decision to make, so perhaps understanding the real value of what they’re getting can make it worthwhile.

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