When teasing, stay off the sacred

Posted by James, 04 Dec

We all have things we deem sacred… things we wouldn’t want people to tamper with. To a man they are sacred and they don’t like being teased about them.

You can tease me about the clothes I wear … fine! That I can stomach. But I’ll have to admit there are things that a woman should never tease me about – or any other guy for that matter – and that's my hair, height, salary or penis size. Poke fun at any of those and you might as well rip out a man’s heart and use it as a coaster for your herbal tea. I'm sure most men will agree wiht me that these are sore spots for us.

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Here’s why: First of all, other than salary, we have no power to change them and we feel you are constantly being compared to other men to see how we measure up. According to our belief, just like sex partners and power tools, the more you have, well… the MORE YOU HAVE!

Financial worth reflects inner worth according to male belief. So teasing about a man’s salary is technically another way of making fun of a man’s manhood. I remember once a lady made fun of me saying "Your TV is the tiniest of any guy’s I know.᾿ Men… didn’t she burn a hole in my ego just coz she pitted me against the rest the men she knows. And to add salt to my already burnt ego, while continuing her survey of my humble crib, she asked, “So what exactly do you spend your money on?᾿ She reduced me to pulp.

Then there is hair and how we worry about losing our locks one day. For me, I usually believe that the day my hair goes is the day I lose my ability to attract women. Compliments like “Your hair is such a nice color. Too bad you don’t have more of it᾿ are just FOUL!! So what is a guy to do about his thinning patch? And please spare me some reference to some ad you saw about some magic hair grow cream or something.

The other thing men can't do a thing about is height. On top of that there is the commonly held belief that the taller a guy is, the proportionally bigger he is some place else (and we know you are thinking about our feet ;-) ) what do you expect.

Which leads me to the final torturous taunt; mocking our manhood. Its easy for women to tease a man about his member since they don’t have one. Just like other men, I am quite attached to my penis. And much as I welcome the attention my joystick brings from women, making a cutting remark about it is not welcome. You might as well cut the damn thing off (Ok! On second thought, please don’t ;-) )

Anyhow, the thing is we all should know when to draw the line when it comes to teasing others. Man or woman, try for once to put yourself in the other person’s shoes before blurting out things you might live to regret. People get smacked or dumped for such sacred issues.

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  1.   fkoi says:
    Posted: 25 May 10

    I usually follow a cut with a similar zinger pointed at myself and keep it all away from the jugular.

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  2.   fire321 says:
    Posted: 12 Aug 09

    We all know that some people are better at dishing it vs. taking it. I feel like this, if you don't want someone to point out certain flaws about yourself, you shouldn't do it to them.

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  3.   hiimsteph says:
    Posted: 10 Jan 08

    Yeah I think it is best to keep jokes superficial and something everyone can laugh at.

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