Watch: WTF is a Beach Body?

Posted by Ando, 06 Sep 16

I like looking magazine-hot at the beach!

Covered in suntan oil checking out the hot people looking like a greek statue, playing beach volley feeling like a breezy angel. Sorry, what I meant to say was looking AT magazine-hot people at the beach. Hmmmm….me? I like cheeseburgers!!!!

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Sometimes I think I’m being checked out at the beach by hot babes for all the wrong reasons though. When you find yourself at the beach you are surrounded by people. If you are uncomfortable from the get go, you feel like everyone there is looking at you and judging you.

Guess what… Everybody there is thinking the same thing. (Yes even the hot people) Everyone is insecure because society said so. You are at the beach because it’s hot outside and you like ice cream, not because you have to be hot. There is a difference there. Even IF there are some people that judge you for your appearance just think: “Do they pay my bills?” If the answer is no then, WHO CARES! Go ahead and have fun at the beach, don’t just sit there hiding from everyone because you think you have an imperfection or look like Godzilla or something crazy.

You are beach bod ready as long as you have “dat bod” and you are at the beach. Don’t forget to be fabulous and spread the spirit of acceptance throughout the beach (even at the hot people!) because everybody is thinking that way.

Never forget that you are your own individual self and nobody can change that besides you! How ever you look! Don’t think about what other people think of you and think of how YOU think of you. As long as you are a healthy person you can feel beautiful in your own skin. A skin that doesn’t need to be ripped and super-tight like all those pretty people in the magazines. I mean… those people are easy to look at but you are easy to look at too!

Feeling sexy and confident in your own skin IS the sexiest thing you can do at the beach!

These two people conquered their awkward phase at the beach. Check out this video by Buzzfeed:

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  1.   ladybarb says:
    Posted: 10 Sep 16

    One of the things that I notice when I go to the beach are the women of all ages being proud of their bodies, no matter how big or little they were; whether they had cellulite, or fat hanging from their bellies and thighs to women with "boy"bodies. All are beautiful. It helped me to relax and not give a care with my droopy thighs and go in the water and swim and be baptized in the water.

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