WATCH: The average American will be mixed race by 2050

Posted by James, 10 Dec 16

With the recent US election shaking everyone up, it’s safe to say we are all slightly concerned and unsure about our future. There is however one thing we’re almost certain of...

We’ll definitely have something positive to look forward to, as it’s being estimated that by the year 2050, the average American will more than likely be mixed race. And this is all down to interracial couples of this very moment meeting, marrying and having children. Pat yourselves on the back!

The number of interracial marriages has never been higher – in fact it’s more than doubled since 1990, which is a pretty impressive way to go in such a short space of time. It looks like we have come really far, considering the fact that interracial marriage was actually illegal in America just over 50 years ago.

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(FYI: The law was overturned in 1967 in Virginia by Mr and Mrs Loving – an interracial couple who were sentenced to death just for wanting to marry. Nice little piece of history for you there. We do in fact owe them everything, because who knows how long it would have taken for the law to change without them...)

The video below demonstrates just how much America has evolved over the years, and also highlights the future of our generation if we continue accepting and integrating with other races and cultures.

Diversity and just some of the cutest children we’ve ever seen in our lives – what could be better?

Watch the video below to see what we mean. Hands up if you’re excited about the future...

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