Watch: Black-White Couples Candidly Discuss Hair.

Posted by Ria, 29 Dec 16

This is a very cute and super hilarious video about how black women wear their hair and what their interracial spouses think about it. Speaking of weaves, to curls, to braids... much as we may claim our white spouses aren't aware of the differences with our hair, oh, they are VERY aware.

What I loved about this video is how these interracial couples were transparently and comfortably discussing the topic of black hair. They talk about their experiences, from having wigs flying off the head in the bedroom, to wearing a hair bonnet to bed, to swinging braids hitting them (ouch!).

Watch the video below:

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  1.   Alilish says:
    Posted: 13 Feb

    I seriously love this, as a girl who's natural ( no chemicals, no perm, no dyes, sulfate free everything, ect.... ), but who has wore weaves, wig, flat ironed, braids, ect..(have been wearing wigs with corn rolls underneath, and just recently sewed it down after after hearing about an "incident." I think this is so refreshing and cool to hear about interracial couples talking about their difference allow hear their partners opinions. p.s lol, I have never worn my natural hair out with a guy I was dating.

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