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Interracial Movie Based On Real Life Love Story Reveal Creators

Posted by Christelyn, 14 Oct

FYOOZ got a chance to catch up with screenwriter, Christoph Silber and director, Stefan Schaefer, creators of the oh-so-hot interracial romance, My Last Day Without You, starring Nicole Beharie and Ken Duken at the Atlanta, Georgia premier.

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Did you know that the movie is based partially on Christoph's personal story? Both creators are married interracially to black women, but if you haven't yet seen this movie, you'll note that the fact that the race of the female lead (black) and the male lead (white) is downplayed. They both say they did this purposely. Watch the video and find out why they took this approach.

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  1.   cakelady1 says:
    Posted: 22 May 14

    I saw the movie and the story line dragged and the way it ended left room for part two. I understand the plot but I think if you are going to do an interracial movie then it should be more about the emotional aspects beyond the physical. Our relationships are more complex than that.

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  2.   duchess02 says:
    Posted: 13 Jan 14

    I've always loved interracial no matter what of races they are is just the best to watch, love is color blind.

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    • sweetpeach48 says:
      Posted: 02 Feb 14

      if these guys are married to black women , they dropped the ball , they both were not friendly at the after-party . i and a friend attended the movie and after party in Atlanta . Totally different attitude .

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