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If you ask Mark Manson why we should listen to what he has to say about psychology and personal development, he might jokingly answer: “You shouldn’t.” He has no formal credentials, but two million people read his site each month and his work has been republished in The Huffington Post, TIME Magazine, Quartz, Business Insider, Vox, and others. He’s been asked to speak at a couple of universities and will be speaking to people at the Union Nations later this month.

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  • Love is not enough; people prioritize love over other more important values, such as self-respect, trust, and boundaries.
  • The relationship scorecard is Toxic Habit 1, where people feel as though they are always “owed” things by their partner.
  • Boundaries Basics: taking responsibility for your own thoughts/emotions and expecting your partner to take responsibility for theirs.
  • World travel is both empowering and limiting; you gain new perspective, but it limits your ability to form commitments.
  • Realizing that everything you do doesn’t matter is a good thing, because it means you no longer have any excuses not to be who you wish to be.
  • And so much more…
  • In this episode of The Art of Charm, Mark talks to us about love, friendship, boundaries, relationships, commitments, and even world travel.

    Listen to this episode of The Art of Charm in its entirety to learn more about The Friendship Test (ask yourself, “If my best friend was behaving this way towards me, would I tolerate it?”), establishing and acknowledging the need for personal boundaries in a relationship by taking a boundary inventory, taking responsibility for your own thoughts and emotions while expecting your partner to do the same for themselves, and why retaining the power to say “no” is important for both partners during a relationship.

    Sure, it sounds like we’re going all over the place, but it’ll make sense when you give it a listen. Enjoy!

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