Travel hacking: Fake it till you make it!

Posted by Jordan, 13 Jan

"Happiness is an internal function. It is completely within your power to define your own value." - Anonymous

Travel hacking is a great tool to help you to fake it till you make it. Travel hacking started out as a casual hobby while Erik was studying at the University of Michigan. In the six years since then, he's redeemed more than 1 million frequent flyer miles for $20-30k of free travel. He burned the ships in 2011 and started a media and marketing company to help small businesses succeed online. He currently has team members working remotely in Europe, Asia, and South America to serve clients in the United States, Brazil, and Hong Kong. His objective was to create freedom of time and location for myself, so I could pursue personal development and travel while continuing to build a business.

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For about 2 years, he's been coaching friends, family, and other entrepreneurs on how to leverage their credit to dramatically reduce the cost of travel. is focused on empowering people to travel and helping them maximize the value by networking with awesome people and developing valuable skills.

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