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Posted by James, 07 Sep 16

Get ready to get your spirit shattered with a spine chilling reality check! We are getting older. Some things we used to use are probably not recognizable to children today. Things that were everywhere when we were younger but are nowadays becoming fossils in LITERALLY museums. Poor rotary phone. Here is a list of the 10 things that children today don’t or won't know according to our opinion.

1. Encyclopedias

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Remember back in the day when Google didn’t exist? No? Well it’s not that long ago. Around the late 90’s most of the information we needed were not at the palm of our hands but rather in huge collections of books organised in alphabetical order and costing a fortune. Yes, back then people paid a ton of money to learn stuff and have pretty books gathering dust in the background of the home office because it seemed classy. Who knew that in a few years knowledge would be free and everywhere…

2. Yellow Pages - Phone Books

Quickly! Say out-loud your friend’s phone number! Exactly.

The good part is that you can simply whip out your phone and look it up. Even if it’s for a company or the pizza place, because a pepperoni pizza sounds good at the moment, you can instantly Google it from your phone and make a call. (If calls are still a thing.) Back in the day (recent years) when we had to use Yellow Pages to find a number categorised by area, address and all sorts of stuff. Calling was not that fun. Especially when you were using your old rotary phone. The struggle was real! But what if you couldn’t call because of the internet?

3. Dial-Up Internet

Ever got screamed at because you were looking at videos of dogs looking silly? Then you must have been using the internet while your mom was trying to get on the phone with her neighbor Cassy to talk about Aretha who told Mary about Chrissy. Remember when you had to get off the internet to use the landline (RIP) ? Yeah, that was quite the challenge. Once on the phone the internet had to shut down and reconnect when the phone call was over. And oh, the connection! Those soothing soft sounds of the dial-up modem made. Still haunting my dreams.

4. Video Cassettes

video cassette

Ever came across a video cassette of you being a child? Ever found out that that was taped over with the “Friends” episode where Chandler and Joey get a duck and a chicken? Yeah… Seriously though, remember VHS tapes?! They introduced home video to many households and they were super popular with every age. Everyone loves movies and everyone loves their home, imagine being able to enjoy a movie at your own house (with food) ! It wasn’t always “Netflix and Chill”... It used to be “VHS and wait for it to rewind/oops we fell asleep” because we were too tired returning from the VHS rental store!

5. Video Rental Stores/Blockbuster

There was a time when Streaming movies was only a dream! The thought of having every movie you want on your computer already without the struggle of leaving your house was spine-chilling! What we used to do is get up, visit the Rental Store, waste trillions of hours trying to find a movie looking through piles and piles of VHS and DVD cases looking for that perfect movie. No reviews, no trailers, nothing! And after watching the movie we had to go back to the store and take it to avoid that dreaded fee we had to pay when we were late because your friend forgot the DVD in his backpack…

6. Floppy disk

Talking about DVDs remember the day when the “Save” icon on our computer was an actual object? “Floppy Disks” were this amazing thing where you used to save all your work after you were done. They were coming in different colors and were hard to lose, especially when you had a super-important file on them. At the astounding 1.44 MB per disk they were the craze back then and now they are basically extinct. But they left a legacy with the instantly recognizable “Save” button.

7. Walkmans

Can you tell the relationship between a pencil and a mixtape? No? Then you are probably too young for this article with all these unknown words! Back in the day, songs weren’t comfortably resting in the comfort of 30/60+ GB of space on your phone but rather on tapes recorded from the radio or CDs if you were fancy and technologically advanced. Small machines called “Walkman” were everyone’s favorite music player that featured cassettes and CDs later on. Now they are killed by iPods (which are now considered old too apparently) and Phones (not rotary).

8. Camera Film

Selfies took an hour or more, much like today but for completely different reasons. A few years back you had to wait for your pictures to get developed. What kind of ritual was that you may ask? No ritual whatsoever, it was the chemical printing of photos from “film” used in cameras! Instagram who?

9. Game Boy and Cartridge games

Even though handheld gaming is its legacy, it is outstanding how things have changed. Bright colors and touch-screens weren’t always the norm and games weren’t always on small chip and sizes. There was a time when a bulky brick with bulky cartridges (that you used to blow the dust out off all the time) were reigning supreme on the top of the Video Game industry, yet they are now considered relics and “retro”. Those relic’s were millions of people’s childhood. And by the way blowing on the games did nothing. Just gave us hope!

10. Beepers/Pagers

Wanted to seem professional and a techy-person in the 90s? You HAD to have a beeper to be one! Those small annoying devices were super successful and futuristic as they were one of the first forms of a mobile phone. Well… Kinda… They used to tell you who wanted you and you could call the number written on the pager. Too amazing?

Feeling old yet? Either yes or no we should be happy about it. It is inevitable, yet beautiful that we can go through so much evolution of our daily life so fast and still make it work and ROCK IT!

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