Watch: Top 10 First world problems

Posted by James, 06 Sep 16

Broken A/C on a hot day, nothing to watch on TV, low phone battery, cold(er) food, no ketchup left on burger day, no vegan beef tacos with vegan cheese made from wheat grass, NO WIFI?! First world problems are really remarkable sometimes.

All first world people have identified at LEAST with one of those problems, and truly believe that it is an actual problem. Let’s sit and think though… Is it really that important when the milk in our $10 famous chain branded coffee is foam free? Well, apparently for some people it’s the end of the world. (And they keep an 11 ft. line waiting at 8 O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!)

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Has anyone of us ever said “I’m glad I’m visiting the ice-cream place because I LOVE ice cream” instead of “I wish the ice-cream place was closer!”? Nope.

We are whining about everything that we already have and everything we want to have while being offended by everything during our “over-priced” fast boring lives.

Here is a TOP 10 list of First World Problems. And YES. This exists:

We should start living a bit more appreciative of all the comforts we are offered from the day we are born. Just think that there are people out there who have nothing. We could offer some of our everything to their nothing. Don’t forget that you and underprivileged people could have been in each other’s place.

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