This Sexy Interracial Couple Will Make You Rethink Your Relationship Goals

Posted by Liam, 04 May

Liz Kong and Max Lowenstein are an interracial couple. Since last summer, the couple has brought the internet under fire. This is all thanks to their 'unusual' steamy and sexy acroyoga stretches.

Liz and Max are travelling acroyoga teachers. They have an Instagram page @maxandlizacro.

The internet shake-up all began when Max had sustained a back injury. Liz was also taking flexibility classes at the time. So the stretches were a 'win-win' for both of them. Max was helping Liz practice and the stretches were also meant to help with Max's healing.

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Since the couple already had a considerable Instagram following for their acroyoga pics and videos, the figured: why not share their stretches with their followers.

Their videos of sexy stretches rubbed some members of the acroyoga community, "especially the ones that seem to resemble certain sex positions and involve intimate touching." One of the leaders of the community blasted Liz and Max on Facebook for misrepresented acroyoga as sexual.

"While I am in a long-term monogamous relationship with my girlfriend, the reason we do acroyoga is because we see its healing potential," Max says. "That intention comes through when we're teaching in person, but online, people don't see things the way they are."

Liz and I started teaching to encourage grown adults to become vulnerable with each other and allow healing to take place. We grow up with so many rules and many of us put up walls based on what is "right" versus "wrong". What we are demonstrating here is a partner stretch for front splits but the same theory applies. Through safe, consensual touch we help each other through the physical and mental barriers that hold us back. This weekend, we had the privilege of teaching a high level workshop, and our two most advanced students warmed up with partner stretching. While they were acro-partners, they were not romantic partners. We didn't question them or conjure moral opinions, we supported them fully and actually showed them more advantageous ways to use leverage as opposed to muscle. Let's all help each other gravitate towards a space of non-judgement and lift each other. Spread light wherever you go and keep living your truth . . . . . . . . . #partneryoga #partnerstretch #couplesyoga #getflexy #spinehealth #healthybody #fitstagram #yogavideo #fitnessvideo #onebreathatatime #yogastrong #instayogi #dailypractice #yogilife #gethealthy #workout #beachbody #instafit #beginneryoga #dowhatyoulove #peaceloveyoga #yogalover #vegans #sexyyoga #intimateyoga #crazysexyyoga #whatveganslooklike #friendshipgoals #raiseyourvibration #boyfriend

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Max, however, understands how their stretching has been perceived as sexual especially with the skimpy clothes and the touching of bodies. He also admits that is has improved their sex life immensely. Its made them "more comfortable with each other's touch", Liz said.

The couple appreciates the non-sexual benefits of partner stretching. It makes one go deeper into a stretch than solo stretching. And if you have an encouraging partner, it helps you move past your comfort zone. Max also appreciates the emotional growth that comes with partner stretching. The couple wants people to feel comfortable with touch.

"In a society in which touch has been sexualized, we can see how some people can perceive partner stretching as overly sexual or intimate," Liz says. "[But] it's just another way to connect with someone, get deeper in a physical stretch, and help each other release something that no longer serves them."

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