The two levels of fear and how to gain confidence with women

Posted by Jordan, 03 Jan

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  • The two levels of fear (real, physical fear and the stuff we make up in our heads because modern humans don't have survival needs that aren't met regularly)
  • How he learned REAL fear
  • Primal stuff at MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), and how it's helped him in business, in school, and with women
  • How to gain confidence through training and combat
  • Why self-defense is more psychological versus physical

Grannon has a degree in psychology and is a master practitioner of NLP. He trained with Richard Bandler personally when he was 18. He has 10+ years working as a nightclub doorman and as a professional counselor so he's am used to "getting his hands dirty" and applying the academic knowledge to real world scenarios. Richard has also worked as a motivational speaker and accelerated learning coach within the British education system for 3 years, teaching and designing courses from secondary school to university level. For the last 7 years his job has been teaching civilians, military and law-enforcement how to overcome fear and anchor states of confidence in high pressure, high risk scenarios.

Let's hear how Mixed Martial Arts does help boost confidence when it comes to women.

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