The Obamas are officially moving to California!

Posted by James, 25 Nov 16

Where do you go after you leave the White House in Washington D.C? Well, if you’re Barack Obama and family, the answer is, you move to California!

According to reports, Barack and Michelle Obama have bought a brand new home in Rancho Mirage, which is situated just outside Palm Springs in California. We’ve never been, but we hear it’s pretty magical. We wouldn’t expect any less!

It’s also believed that the family have also bought a nice little pad in Barack Obama’s birth state of Hawaii. Fancy! We’re not at all jealous, honest…

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Despite all of these gorgeous new houses across America, the family are staying put in Washington for a few more years, as they don’t want to disrupt youngest daughter Sasha’s education.

Reports are claiming that they will begin their move once she has graduated high school.

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