Taking charge of your own happiness

Posted by Jordan, 23 Jun

Failure is never the end. Failure doesn't mean you are doomed. My guest today is proof of that. So how do you take charge after failure? How do you "win without losing"?

Martin started his first company when he was 18 years old. He then failed 5 times during the following 5 years. In 2006 Martin co-founded the "start up factory" Rainmaking together with 3 friends. Since then they have launched 16 start ups, sold 3 of them, and are today running a portfolio of 8 companies with a total of 100 team members in their offices in London, Copenhagen and Berlin. Via their own accelerator Startupbootcamp they have invested in and supported more than 100 start ups from all over the world during the last 3 years. Together with the Canadian entrepreneur, Jordan Milne, Martin has just released his book Winning Without Losing.

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Being totally convinced that you can have a great life with lots of fun while pursuing your passions as an entrepreneur, Martin felt called to share this philosophy with the world. In Winning Without Losing the reader learns from 25 role models from all over the planet, via 66 specific advice on how to "get it all".

In this episode of the podcast, Martin and I uncover:

  • That we all need to take responsible for our own happiness, be and think free, and take charge
  • That the team is the fundamental building block for both success and balance
  • That communication is actually more about listening than talking
  • That we all decide our own stories, and that our stories make up our the realities we create
  • How to protect your mind from naysayers
  • That no body should accept to live a deferred life. Live the life of your dreams right now

Listen to the discussion we had...

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